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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Uno


    I thought this was an excellent episode as well. Shan is truly WILD and I'm so here for it - it's really refreshing to get some dirty gameplay, especially from a genuinely likable player; kind of reminds me of the girls convincing Erik to give up his immunity necklace.
  2. Loved this episode as well, especially after the mess that was the previous episode. Shan is so terrific and fun to watch.
  3. Such an enjoyable episode, and a complete 180 after last week's advantage-saturated mess. DeShawn trying to throw the challenge with Naseer not letting him was genuinely hilarious and the editing made the vote-out really satisfying.

    Queen Shan's on-the-edge but dominating gameplay—removing children and taking their advantages effortlessly, while humming ha lil Shanthem—is amazing and highkey gives me Black Widow Brigade teas. I will be continuing to pray for her!
  4. Not Deshawn trying to throw the challenge and yet the other two tribes suck so much that they can't! ddd
    It was the first tribal I actually enjoyed watching and was really surprised. Poor JD tho! Boy was too naive!

    Shout out at Sydney's "They hate 'cause they ain't me" moment. We love an overconfident queen that probably won't last long nn
  5. "He should have shouted ~tribal!~ cause that's where we're going" ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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  6. Shantel is running circles around these girls.

    I'm trying to decide if I'm prepared to ironically or unironically stan Sydney but it's happening either way! Poor Erika, I wanted good things for her but she's making a classic mistake by getting antsy.
  7. Sydney throwing the flint in frustration then going to the beach to cry. Love that arc.
  8. It’s a shame that the producers jumped the gun and went overboard with the advantages and tricksies, because the cast is the strongest it has been in years, and you could easily fill up the screen time with their shenanigans instead of with advantage-hunting. So many players who are either delusional and egotistical (Tiffany, Sydney, JD); sweet but paranoid (Naseer, Brad); or well-adjusted but fatally restless (Erika, DeShawn): not good Survivor players per se but great Survivor characters.
  9. I haven't commented on the season but so far I'm loving it. Shan is a beast for the last episode alone, hopefully she will stay for long.

    I actually love the cringe worthy sentences dddddddd the level of embarrassment is huge and I can't do nothing but stanning.

    They didn't explain what will happen with Xander's idol/voting power now that brad is gone, right? I wanted to know if they will just replace Brad's part of the idol or something like that

    This is a possible spoiler for future eliminations, so beware!

    I'm not aware of the bootlist this time but I saw in a Survivor group that Sydney is apparently pre-merge because she was vaccinated while the show was still being recorded and since there was no merge trip this time, we can infer she didn't make the jury at least. Then I read in another Facebook group that she was racist on social media so I can't wait to see her gone. Other than her, I don't know who else I want to see gone. The cast is so goooooood ugh
  10. @Ana Raquel I guess we have some clarity now on Sydney's random hatred for nasser
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  11. Uno


    I loved everything about this episode outside of the tribal itself. I'm glad Genie left but it did feel anticlimactic.
  12. I loved the fact the edition just waited until the challenge to reveal that Nasser had found the 3-way idol! Way to go Nasser, getting his winner edition right here! I hope
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  13. I find Ricard and Shan’s super-villain-best-friend dynamic so fascinating. The palpable shade between the two of them when Shan tried getting her advantage back. The way Ricard unflinchingly manoeuvred her gaslighting but she still left him shaking at tribal. Yes. Give me that high femme face off!

  14. I’m dying to see Shan dismantle the other groups come merge time. Luvu don’t stand a fucking chance!
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    I need a Shan, Tiffany, Liana F3 immediately.
  16. Liana has been my dark horse so far, I'm fully invested in Shan winning but I'd love to see Liana go deep as well.
  17. Miss Ricard deadpanning "then play the idol tonight"... how my sternum quivered.

    The way that you know a showdown to the death between Shan and Ricard is inevitably coming. Shan has already recruited Liana as a Soldier for Christ. Whomst will Ricard woo with his shady eyes? And whenst will the faceoff occur? At merge, Final 4 or in between? Let me speculate, percolate, salivaTe

  18. Was this the first non-elimination episode?
  19. I guess so. And I hated it.
    I hope Erica breaks the hourglass tho.
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  20. This is why stunt queens are important. If it was Ricard in her place he would've broken the damn hourglass before Jeff was back on the boat.
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