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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Why did I get emotional at -
    • Shan having to struggle, scramble and fight for survival all over again?
    • Liana crying “I can’t do it” right before she pulled herself up and did, in fact, do it.
    • Erika wandering around the deserted island picking up firewood by herself.
    CBS’s heavy-handed storytelling got me this week, I tell you. I’m loving the girls, loving this season.
  2. Uno


    Ricard refusing to give Shan's extra vote back had me screaming.

    There's also no way Erika is not knocking that hourglass open - she wants her revenge on the girlies and she's gonna get it!
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  3. Danny stomping up that wall ramp with nothing but momentum, kindly aim for my throat next time king.
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  4. I found it bizarre how insistent Danny is on there being some kind of deadly female alliance afoot that needs to be addressed by targeting Erika (who is in his 6!) despite the fact that Yase is the only tribe with a gender imbalance in favour of women and Erika has never met them…and then he blabbed all about this to known misandrist and Yase alumni Evvie…
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  5. In season 12 they cut the episode right before the fire making challenge in the F4 where there was a tie, so the elimination happened only in the episode after that.
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    Ughhh. Not my Sydney. What a fantastic episode though. The way Liana thought she was playing her tribemates like a fiddle but they were one step ahead of her was so exhilarating to watch. I'm truly upset Sydney caught the stray bullet but it seems like it's going to be an exciting showdown from here on out.

    Tiffany's face when Liana said "as a Yase member..." made me scream.
  7. I found tribal hugely entertaining but I’m not ready for that level of chaos every week, which is looking like a possibility with all of these advantages flying around. They’re convoluted to the point they kind of eat the show and throw patient, methodical gameplay out the window in favour of desperate scrambling - I was happy they showed Deshawn voicing his frustrations at some of the twists so far rendering his strategy useless because I feel like that’s a frustration we as viewers will share going forward.

    But it was definitely an engaging mess! Xander vs Liana made me squirm because a) it was a shame to see Liana’s best laid plans go to waste due to Shan’s mistake last episode and b) Xander’s ~acting was…not good. Liana probably could have read his poker face had she not been blinded by bloodlust ddd. I do wonder how such a public falling out with her original alliance is going to come back to haunt Liana.

    Speaking of Shan, it does the heart good to see her position herself front and centre at another tribal ddd like clearly she is not ready to slink off into the shadows after her fucking hectic pre-merge life. Despite being very visible, I reckon she’s in a good position for now? She’s not the physical threat that Danny is and she hasn’t stepped on as many toes as Liana so even from her own main alliance I don’t think she’s going to her anyone’s number one priority for a few weeks.

    And Sydney. Well, um. Her end credits spiel did her no favours - boasting about how good your life off the island is begs the question why you ever came to the island in the first place - and while it was a series of unfortunate events (the advantages, the twists) that led her to her demise, I think tribal exposed how little she had actually done to consolidate her place in the game while Luvu were coasting along. Her being thrown to the wolves by her original alliance without a second thought (the savagery of it all!) proved she never made herself a person of significance in the eyes of any of her contemporaries. Oh well, luckily for her she has that amazing life to get back to!
  8. The producers need to reimpose the rule about Tribal Council being an open forum, where everyone has to stay in their seat. Everyone should go into Tribal with plans A-Z already laid out. It's frustrating as a viewer to watch 25 side conversations, most of them not subtitled, and try to figure out what's going on.
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    Sydney was giving me spoiled brat Veruca Salt realness and I really lived for it.
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  10. Deshawn exposing Evvie to Xander was also lit.

    And I don't understand Erica, breaking the hourglass only to vote with the same people that sent her to exile in the first place! Gurl, you lost momentum.

    I see Xander, Tiff and Evvie are screwed, with Nasseer in between the two groups, but let's see what happens.
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    I can see Xander winning immunity for a week or two and forcing the big group to go against each other, since Evvie will have the idol and Tiffany coming off as a non-threat. I don't think the 8 are as tight as they seemed last episode - they only grouped together due to limited options. Now that everyone is fair game to boot off, I think there will be a lot less "my big alliance vs your small one". I can see them making a case to boot Naseer or Ricard next.
  12. I have to admit, I found it very endearing and cute how visibly proud Ricard was to win the immunity challenge. He was beaming all episode! I am Ua strong til death!
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  13. Bye, racist!!

    This episode was great, especially for my picks on my team (too bad I won't win the game I'm taking part of because I had to pick PURPLE HEATHER of all the girls).
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  14. Sydney's exit press is uh, certainly something to behold. Some highlights for you girls:

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    I’m living for the delusional queen. Shame she didn’t make merge - some more highlights of her being miserable and hating everyone would’ve been great.
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  16. This was probably the best episode thus far. The tribal was a scream. Although I also agree, the constant whispering is annoying to watch because you can't really follow it.

    Also glad that Liana's advantage was used up to get it off the table. The less advantages in play, the better, I think. Because this season has already had so many it's been hard to even keep track.
  17. We love to see a stank loser!

    She is right about having too many advantages though nn.
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  18. I really like live tribals, I do understand people's concerns with them and how it would make it more challenging if they weren't allowed to whisper or leave their seat. However, they would just decide to use code words or certain movement e.g. Rob putting his hand on that person's shoulder so it would become a pointless rule.

    I feel like the production will put any subtitles on the key moments so then the audience knows what's going on so we shouldn't be missing anything
  19. Does anyone follow Michele on Twitter? She is a housewife stan and more importantly, a Lisa Barlow stan. We love a rightful winner!
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  20. Not Heather's main character episode! The will she/won't she immunity challenge, pinning Shan against a palm tree in the jungle and the last minute strategy swerve at tribal. Queen. Sad to see Tiff go but Liana completely disowning her kumbaya baby turtle tribe in favour of Shan's Christ Mafia is a bitsy iconic. This season is maturing into something pretty fun post-merge and i can't wait for the blood shed

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