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Survivor S41 & 42

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. It would've been a pretty risky move in my opinion. The minority group can't seem to figure out how to work together, and if Evvie left it would also confirm that Deshawn wasn't on board, which also meant Xander would be at risk again at the next elimination.
  2. I don't know, I feel like if he protected Evvie, Liana goes and Shan's alliance would be in shambles (especially with Naseer also gone). He could have easily build up another majority with a pretty big shield (Evvie) in front of him and could have made also a "big move" for his resume. He has all this power and does almost nothing with it.
  3. This last episode
    What a move ladies and gentlemen! What a move!
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  4. Shan really ended up overplaying. She wanted to keep all of her plates spinning but she should have just taken the L with Ricard, especially with how wishy-washy Deshawn had already been.

    Xander being the last one standing out of that idol trio is not something I anticipated, and it’s starting to look like he’s carved himself a pretty comfortable position. Props to him for managing to dodge being everyone’s target for a couple of weeks.

    I’m surprised there was no scrambling for idols with Naseer’s being out of play, are we to understand there won’t be any more idols?
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  5. I actually gasped at this episode at some point. I didn't expect to have such reaction. The edgic this season though dddd
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  6. I am glad that Xander has no working relationships in the game or jury. He is gonna be a losing finalist if he ever makes to final 3.

    The winner is either Ricard or Erika but im leaning on Erika. She pulled a great move and had a great edit this past 2 episode.
  7. Not if he makes it with Heather and Erika.
  8. Oh Erika definitely wins in that scenario.
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  9. Hi Liana! *wink*

    I'm not sure that's entirely true though. The edit post-merge has mostly focused on the Survivor Cookout/its inevitable implosion, so we're bound to have been missing things. It also seemed like the others were very quick to include him in this week's plan once the wind turned towards Shan, so he must have built some trust. Plus they made a point to show us Tiffany on the jury going "and Xander still has his idol". That being said, do I think he'll win? Most likely not, but I also wouldn't completely rule him out either.
  10. Sad* to see her go but of course Shan’s exit episode was an absolute banger. A Survivor star is born.

    *to put it mildly!!
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  11. Incredible episode of television. Devastated to see my queen leave, but the narrative arcs between her and Ricard, Lianna and DeShawn being resolved in such emotionally complex ways? Mmmh, my heart is so heavy and full.

    Plus Erika slowly sneaking up as a strategic mind of a mastermind? We love to see it!
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  12. It was fascinating to see the culmination of Shan’s social game this episode and how the sheer strength of her personality took the game back in time to an emotional, relationship-led game in contrast to the usually cold, almost exclusively strategic gameplay of modern Survivor. I was taken aback by the open emotion and nuanced dynamics that were exposed this episode and I loved how it was a culmination of weeks of slow-burning build-up. Shan’s three main relationships (Richard, Liana, Deshawn) all coming to a head in one brutal moment? Incredible television, made possible by an incredible character working with an excellent supporting cast.

    Special mention to Shan and Ricard’s conversation during reward. Their chemistry is fucking crazy and to watch the two titans of the season acknowledge their love for one another while also anticipating the bloodshed ahead…I got chills. That this scene ended with Shan absentmindedly humming her villain theme song to herself…a layered, deeply satisfying classic Survivor moment.
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  13. The villain jingle getting one of the most satisfying character arcs in years is not something I expected ddd
  14. Shan is a super star.
  15. I'm beside myself after this week's episode. I legitimately have no clue who wins and as thrilling as that is I'm still gutted. I think further reflection will put this in the pantheon of best Survivor episodes once I have some emotional distance from it nn.

    I had put a few too many eggs in the editing basket and now it looks like open season!
  16. Not this season becoming one of my favourites ever. Shan's nefarious domination will be sorely missed and im not quiTe sure the remaining cast have the vernacular to keep us gagging but we'll see. Im not really sold on "QUEEN ERIKA!!!" yet so for now my chips will stay with Miss Ricard who nearly made me choke on my wholegrain crackerbreads when he flipped this week. That evil bitch

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  17. Oh I'm not sure about this twist.

    Nevermind it's Deshawn and that's a SCREAM.

    Wait, Shan's face when they walked in, giving me drama mama.
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  18. And yet the lucky binch managed to stay! Ugh!
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  19. The twist was stupid and I’m glad it didn’t result in a player like Deshawn, who I think has contributed a lot to this season, going home. Liana’s game appeared spent for weeks now so I’m ok with her going, especially over Ricard.
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  20. I didn't follow this season after the first episode. Is it worth watching?
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