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Survivor S43 & 44

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Wait I watched these seasons in quick succession and mixed 2 of my top 3 least favorite players, I was thinking of Colton ddd
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  2. Colton is probably my least favorite player of all time. At least people like Phillip and Brandon (who I hate) don't make me feel deep, deep homophobia as a gay man dddd.
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  3. Okay so Sherri sneaking into the Final Tribal is a bitsy iconic. I must say, I'm relieved to know that Dawn does not win.

    Edit: The obsession this show has with mediocre men with hair is so annoying. WHY?! And I love Jeff but he is such a shit reunion host.
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  4. I know I am basically talking to myself but we just spoke of him and now I'm three episodes into another season with Colton. Not him a) quitting so soon and b) having a cute hairy man while I sit alone watching my 20th season of this damn show. Get this Culpepper douche off my screen ASAP please!! I have already seen Game Changers but have no idea how he fares this season. I assume this is the one Tyson wins?

    I have never been a Candice fan but dear god her husband...

    Get that D queen.
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  5. Sad story - Colton's boyfriend died a few years ago :(

    As for Candice, She's one of my favorite survivors ever, lol. I'm probably one of the very few who liked her.
  6. How awful! He seemed so sweet, I was completely baffled by his affinity for Colton.

    So I've seen Candice on Heroes vs. Villains and her OG season (was this the split by race season?) and found her very drab. I did love her coming for Culpepper's neck at the duel in the last episode I saw, so maybe this season will change my tune on her.
  7. Jesse and Cody are winning this aren't they?
  9. That was a good episode for Cassidy? Jesse is not winning after that.
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  10. Why was Jesse given that big segment with never before used graphics when all he was doing was explaining the most basic, entry-level Survivor gameplay, the kind of stuff that even the biggest numbskulls on the show think to do? He was basically telling us he was going to lie, but producers spun it like he was writing the Survivor strategy rulebook?

    I loathe every choice production have made this season.
  11. I feel like they've forgotten Cody is there, so I definitely see him in the finale, but I think Sami is going to be next to him. I feel like the focus on how young Sami is screams long term investment and we will see him in many future seasons as well.
  12. Jesse exposed himself after his avalanche of lies so i'm hoping he is the decoy winner and whoever gets him out (Pleek let it be Cassidy), wins the season.

    Otherwise this season is going straight into bottom 10 dd.
  13. Jesse had a very, very strong episode up until all of it was undermined by Gabler talking to Karla just seconds later. Call me crazy but I feel like Gabler could win? He's been having the best merge edit out of them all?

    The ones I'd eliminate for sure are Sami & Owen they get undermined a lot (former) or he's just straight up a non factor in conversations (Owen).
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  14. Yup, that is what i think about Jesse overall. He got this huge edit only by Gabler catching him and throwing his name to Karla.

    Sami and Owen both give final tribal losers.
  15. Uno


    Gabler immediately calling out Jessie & Cody to Karla was pretty great. I'm hoping they actually do something about it though.
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  16. Karla, Cass and Gabler taking out Jesse would be the right move but I don’t see the two girls last much longer (would love to be wrong).

    I feel like Owen and Cody are shoe ins for the final but Sami or Jesse could win against both.
  17. Karla was a disaster this episode. Why would you even go for your closest ally based on Sami's words?

    Also this season is not good. I don't care about the players background nor the trinket hunts, i want to see their relationships, emotions etc. What a fail.
  18. Cassidy is hard carrying. What a horrible episode for Karla at least we know who aint winning lol
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  19. The first half of the episode had me so stressed because once Cassidy is out, I'm gonna hate watch for the .5 second glimpses of her and Jeanine at tribals.
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    Yeah, the girls are done for, I fear. I'm holding out hope that Karla and Cassidy can circle back and mend things but it's doubtful.

    At this point, I'm predicting an Owen/Jesse/Cody final with Jesse winning.
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