Survivor S43 & 44

A great episode for sure. Carolyn is definitely thee one for me, but I feel like Heidi is definitely putting in the work to be a solid contender as well.

I also really enjoy Frannie - she's so much better off without Matt clinging on her arm like a shy toddler. Carson and Yam Yam round out my favorites, but there honestly isn't anyone I dislike or am rooting against. It's been a great cast!
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This Tika alliance in the exact middle, expertly playing off all the straight factions against each other... might become far too powerful I fear/pray four. Carolyn twisting herself dramatically into the mud sphincter tunnel whilst the STEM nerd quietly whispers platitudes... a moment most camp!

Also not to double post but they’re doing 90 minute episodes next Fall. Could be interesting if they don’t fill it with fluff or a million twists.
I've been keeping up with the season but keep forgetting to check the thread because I watch on Saturdays nn. I should've known you girls would be stanning this season, it's been so refreshing in a post-40 world that I'll be tempted to call it the best since David v Goliath if Carolyn does indeed take it (likely, if she can vanquish Danny).

Carson has grown on me so damn much, I typically loathe his personality type on Survivor but he barely manages to dodge precocious probably due to the proximity to Carolyn. Yam Yam has also become one of my absolute favorite talking heads ever, he knew exactly what he was doing a couple episodes back with the talktalktalktalktalk confessional.

My prediction is that we're heading for a Carolyn-Carson-Yam Yam final 3 with Carolyn taking it.
I’m trying to figure out how biased I am but I think it’s pretty clear that Carolyn is winning this, with Carson and Yam Yam being the only other two viable options. But if that’s the case it’s probably the most heavy handed winner’s edit we’ve had in a while? Not that I’m complaining because she’s been the defining character of the season.
My predictions: Heidi idols out Carson at F6, Lauren/Jaime booted at F5 due to their tightness, Carolyn loses fire-making at F4.

Yam Yam, Heidi, and Lauren/ Jamie F3.

Lauren/Jaime 0 votes, Heidi 1-2 votes, Yam Yam wins.
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Last night was fun and made my Carolyn stanning self very happy! I’m nervous that Heidi will use her idol next week and it will take out a Tika, but honestly as long as Jamie doesn’t win I will be cool. A final six of girls and gays, we won!
Uh I don’t think Carson is confirmed gay is he? I assumed he was straight but I was wondering. In any case, the toxic masculinity has absolutely been erased with Danny’s exit!
Last night was another great episode. I agree this is definitely the best post-40 season, possibly best since DvG but that will depend on the outcome.

I can’t see anyone other than one of the Tika three winning, based on edit, but stranger things have certainly happened. I somewhat worry a Carolyn win would be too obvious, I mean they gave her the opening moment of the season, although it’s clear either way production stans her - as they should. I could easily see Yam Yam or Carson winning as well.
Uh I don’t think Carson is confirmed gay is he? I assumed he was straight but I was wondering. In any case, the toxic masculinity has absolutely been erased with Danny’s exit!

Oh my god, that is on me because I genuinely thought he had said it / it was a thing. I genuinely did not think I was making an assumption but just operating as if it had been established, but fair if he is straight and just giving girly pop!
CA-RO-LYN: susses out exactly what's happening with her heightened ex-addict spidey senses; classily bats off Jeff's condescending, sexist fuckery; makes an unnecessary idol play seem like a totally necessary one; and handily eliminates the last toxic male presence (with that gurning for the cameras srly wtf) which was ignoring/oppressing her. That lobster carcass gave her unauthorised powers I fear.

This season is such fun. The lopsidedness of the Tika edit should be grating, but who cares when they are all so compulsively watchable? Carolyn and Yam Yam's facial expressions alone when anyone else is talking! Even the 3D printeuse is charming in a fagué stan kinda way. Whomst of the three will make it to FTC and win, and how, is a very exciting proposition, especially this far into the season. After Goober's win last season literally anything is possible, but leT me exfoliate and pray