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Survivor S43 & 44

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by enjoy, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Next week we'll get Heather's big move guys! jk obviously
  2. Why does Heather give me Lana del Rey ddd
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  3. I was so scared for Heather, that she would get voted out right as she's started getting airtime.
  4. Uno


    Gutted Tiffany is gone - I was hoping Heather’s mass hysteria (wtf was that move!?) caused a shift that saved Tiffany. Really disappointing episode overall but silver-lining seems to be the tides turning on Shan, who has been slowly getting more and more unlikeable.
  5. I have no idea how to even reconcile the final vote breakdown with what we were shown, which is starting to annoy me a little. Also, what was with Ricard’s incessant pleads to “please play your idol” to Xander??
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  6. They were trying to flush it out.
  7. I know, but the way he was going about it was absurd and made it obvious to Xander as well.
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  8. Xander's jury managing bugged me this episode.
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  9. I'm not sure I'd see it as jury management at this stage (although everything they do could/should be), and more as a way to position himself as not the absolute last person on the totem pole and make it through another elimination.
  10. You are right probably but this is still such a blatant way of doing that. Also Ricard was horrible and Shan kinda buried herself with her talk right before the vote.

    I genuinely don't know who is winning edit wise. Evvie has the best edit but they are so obvious.
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  11. Apparently it's a double elimination tonight?
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    Not Liana thinking she has the range to get Xander to give her his idol… I literally cackled.
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    Deshawn going on 3 episodes of saying he’s sick of Shan but he passes up the chance to get rid of her #2? Mess.
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  14. So what was the point of playing that extra vote?
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    I think so in the case of Naseer playing his idol the vote would be 3-0 and Shan/Ricard can play it off that Heather/Erika found an advantage and they had nothing to do with his possible elimination. Had they done a 4-1 vote and he played his idol, he would’ve ratted them out afterward.
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  16. I'm just glad Shan wasted her extra vote. I hope next episode is as chaotic as the scenes showed and not just a mislead!
  17. "It is no secret that me and Heather are so close"

    It is? nn
  18. I initially thought the huge level of idols/advantages at play was going to kill the excitement of a double tribal council but…it kind of made it more interesting? I do think it was insane for anyone who had a 1 in 4 chance of going home tonight to not play their idol if they had one. At this point an idol is as much a weak point as it is an invulnerability and for Naseer to not see that…he kind of had it coming this week.

    It’s interesting to watch how the smart moves Shan made earlier this season are kind of insulating her against the effects of her admittedly kind of bad play now. She’s in a great place in the game but seems determined to rock her own boat as is evident in the way she’s currently navigating her main alliances (Ricard and Deshawn). And speaking of Ricard and she! It’s giving Bette Davis and Joan Collins in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?! It’s giving rivals locked in an intimate embrace til death do them part! It’s camp! I love the way they switch on when going at each other, it’s kind of electric.

    I have a theory also that Shan’s willingness to push back against and piss off her closest allies gives her allies a sense that she can be trusted? Like her willingness to be quite real and flawed is in direct contrast with the kind of smoothly tactical player who would suppress this recklessness and manage their relationships with icy calm while doing all their scheming out of view? It makes sense if you consider how Ricard has stayed extremely tight with her all this time (even as Shan’s alliances grow elsewhere) and even Deshawn’s issues with her seem more domestic if anything. I don’t know, I just find it fascinating to watch her move through the game and how others react to her.

    Also - Liana’s deeprooted hatred of Xander, I scream. I don’t actually mind Xander and think he’s largely playing a good game but I’m enjoying Liana’s growing contempt for someone who really encapsulates that annoying Ozzy-esque archetype. It feels like the way me and my friends would talk about certain players over the years ddd

    EDIT; last point! Can we talk about Heather’s Emmy-nominated performance during that tribal? She was giving full on farewell speech - misty eyes, bittersweet epiphanies, lessons learned, etc - all with a view to solidifying Naseer’s complacency. Mama H has arrived.
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  19. I feel like Xander should have saved Evvie, especially considering he has both an idol and an advantage.
  20. Call me paranoid, but I think Naseer going straight to the jury bench affected the way Deshawn voted. I feel like if Naseer wasn't there he would've thought twice.
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