Survivor: S45 & 46

I'm SO pleased! Miss Erika:
  • Did exactly what she had to do and... won! Plus/minus Xander being a complete dumbass, but still, with a flawless final tribal performance.
  • Is one of the more interesting winners, not just on account of a show that still doesn't quite know how to edit female winners and so undersold a lot of her game, but also because she won without making any Big Movez or by being 'social' with every damn person on the island
  • Is the wealthiest first time winner ever, keeping the USD 1m on conversion, without taxes in Canadia, so like CAD 1.28m! Jeff play Rich Girl
  • Will be imminently stannable as a supposedly unworthy winner who keeps the straights pressed and oppressed, especially as even the finale episode made it clear just how much of her game was left out. I'll have my dissertations ready for ha return in Survivor 50: Legends!
Overall, it was a very enjoyable season, with some fantastic moments and a nice energy throughout. The advantages and Jeff's gurning are far too much, but thankfully didn't ruin things much. I just wish the show would focus on casting well (as they did here) and simply trusting the cast when they do. The gameplay and social dynamics that organically develop from a good cast are more than enough, really. And it'll be really fun to see a lot of these characters back again.
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Happy for Erika. I'm sure this is not the last of Xander's survivor journey given how much people on socials are fawning over him. Would not be opposed to seeing Ricard and Shantel reunite in a future season ;p
I think it's worth accepting that not every winner is going to be this gob shite charisma cannon who ~risked it all~ and idol'ed out their first born to seize the win. If the fandom can accept Tommy Sheehan who is the least interesting English teacher in herstory they can wrap their Amazon ordered buffs around this winner. And don't get me started on Chris Underwood ddd

Erika's shining finale moment was when she broke down the notion of a "social game" and used DeShawn's as an example of a terrible one. His betrayal handling was ham fisted and stinky and he really sealed his fate when he came for The Lamb. She truly ended him. An articulate, self assured queen who genuinely ran the game after Shan's departure

I dew think this season was a case of big hitters being so blinded by their own pride that they went for each other way too early and allowed the quieter misfit characters to slip through the net. Like Xander did play a good game but didn't have the vernacular to sell himself at tribal. Sad!

A truly great season carried by it's cast and the most ive enjoyed Survivor since Angelina's David vs Goliath

I think Erika navigated through Ricard’s questioning brilliantly while Xander flopped. Her breaking down what her social game was while admitting her flaws was so satisfying to watch.

Xander lost all of his credibility when he sent Heather to fire.

I’m rewatching Cook Islands and the fucking way Aitu tribe made Candice suffer for her mutiny is simply iconic and very delicious. Becky sending her to Exile during the the auction and then Yul revealing he has the idol already just to quench any hope Candice had left followed by them all having dinner without her when she returned. The fact that Yul, Sundra and Becky were all calm, decent and reasonable people made their revenge campaign even more enjoyable.

Aitu tribe just made it so easy to stan. The only time I was ever pro-Ozzy.
I spent most of the 2020/2021 lockdowns rewatching old seasons of Survivor. I'm in Ontario, in lockdown again, and was about to resubscribe to Paramount+, but Reddit is telling me that they lost the Canadian streaming rights to all but the latest 10 seasons (and are missing the Australian Survivor seasons that the US app has - which I've never seen in HD).

So it's essentially a useless app in Canada, and I'm left with nowhere to stream Survivor.
Sundra really is one of the classiest castaways ever. Graceful, thoughtful, tough when she needed to be. Her paying the remaining Aitu tribe their dues at the final felt genuinely moving. She’s also stunning - her reunion look was a moment of glamour I don’t usually associate with Survivor ddd

Cook Islands is so satisfying overall. Just the right amount of mess to keep things fun but it’s also a relief that the good-natured quality of someone like Yul kind of set the tone for the season - the race wars gimmick could have been hell with a nastier cast of characters.
Yeah they yanked it last summer as I was right in the middle of a season, and with zero prior warning. I was not pleased.

But, like, who HAS the streaming rights if not the network that produces the show? Global? And why are they just being hoarded away? It's so frustrating.
But, like, who HAS the streaming rights if not the network that produces the show? Global? And why are they just being hoarded away? It's so frustrating.
It's likely no one I believe. The streaming deals probably have to involve Mark Burnett's company too and either the fees were too high or the contract lapsed and they didn't bother renewing.
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Given how much of 41’s narrative was influenced by the 2020 BLM movement and the network’s diversity mandate, it’s going to be fascinating to see how these factors affect a new cohort of castaways who played the game at roughly the same time as 41’s cast.

I don’t have much hope for the new twists that they trialled in 41 (and seemingly will push again with 42) but if the stories are as engaging as they were on that season? We’re in for a treat. I’m excited.
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Yeah, they’re running the game on the exact same settings, which on the gameplay side is worrying because some of those twists (like the Beware Advantage and Do Or Die disasters) are super arbitrary and unfair – it’s by sheer luck that they didn’t break 41.

On the casting side though, it’s quite promising as they mostly look fun and silly, and refreshingly unathletic ddd. And primed for providing more moments beyond just boring and inane gamebotting. Ready for the messery!
Why do they always have one lawyer stumbling around the beach in office trousers and a belt? We get it Jeff! He's "smart"! Talking about archetypes. I'm so relieved this seasons Cochran/Christian got the boot this early to make way for miss Tori who i suspect will bring sizzling reads and a level of camp to the pre-merge. There's a lot of women to stan. A lot of people should be scared here!

Oh and somebody tell Mike my pussy is on fire!