Survivor: S45 & 46

Double post, but nawt Miss Brandon being even more unhinged than I had imagined! How did he even pass the psych evaluation?

That being said, I have to give Probst some props for managing to de-escalate things, which is pretty hard to do when things are so tense.

i bet the impromptu vote was just a way for the show to cover its ass because they had to have been scrambling to find a reason to kick him out, he was an obvious liability at that point.
I will never forgive Caramoan for the way they edited Brenda down to a collective like, 5 minutes of the season. There was so much potential but damn is it a slog after the heavy hitters go.
Thank god for Blood vs Water.
I just finished and I'm a little on the fence. Knowing Tyson would win in advance removed any tension that would come from his alliance possibly getting double-crossed, so I found it a little dull. I also hate when the same people find multiple idols, and it reeks of producer meddling.

That being said, watching Tina hold her own and get so far 13 years after her win was such a thrill, and she was a complete joy. And nothing for Gervase.
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Yes, I absolutely hate it when a single person finds multiple idols. And it happens suspiciously often, doesn’t it?
I remember one of Tyson’s idols was in a tree and the cameraman accompanying him on the hunt kept panning the camera from Tyson to the place the idol was “hidden” multiple times. This probably gave him all the information he needed, to be honest.
Survivorunties, we're one month away from returning to Survivor after a nearly year and a half break! How do we feel about the new (pandemic-influenced) rules and regulations for SURVIVOR 41? 26 days, 18 players (50% of the cast being POC), three tribes with no tribe swaps, some sort of Exile Island, and the winner revealed on the island. I'm cautiously excited!

The cast is revealed:

God I missed this show too fucking much. I'm excited it looks great. Can we please get a woman winning again? It's been too long.
Feels like this season could go either way...

It's funny that some hardcore fans are decrying the shortening of the season when it could actually mean more time to let the season breathe and focus more time on the non-gameplay elements of the show in a more old-school way.

I like the numerical season title choice (although I'd prefer alternate fucking locations, nn). A classic two-tribe division would've been nice, but oh well.
My only fear with shortened seasons is that stupid double tribal at f10 where its two groups of 5 which makes absolutely no sense and is genuinely a terrible idea.
Yerger is so thirsty for attention I can't even follow him anymore but if he finally starts showing c*ck on his OF I could be enticed.