Survivor: S45 & 46

Whew, that was a close shave, girlies! When they started lightly playing that faux-inspirational music during Carolyn's votes, I was sweating!

Ja'ime's ouster guarantees that at least one Tika will make it to FTC and therefore win and so make for a satisfying season. My head says it will be Yam Yam, but the heart wants what it wants wants wants and that is for Carolyn's banshee shrieks to terrorise the whole of the Pacific as she is crowned the winner, Lord I deserve this

I can't believe it's the finale already. This season flew by. I really want Carolyn to win. Carson winning would also be kind of Eh, but, fine. Anyone else is a No for me.
I too am nervous. This is the first season I am actually watching at the same time as it's coming out so I feel bigger stakes, especially coming out of one of the worst winners ever, I really want Carolyn to take it but I am not sure how she will.
I’m happy Yam Yam won since I was worried it would be Heidi, but I was pulling for Carson and Carolyn more. I adore their relationship, and I was living for him coaching her with hand gestures in the background during the final tribal. That would’ve been so many of us lol. It’s disappointing Carolyn didn’t get a single vote, but she obviously struggled to articulate her game in the final Tribal, and all her maneuvering went under the radar to the jury. That’s unfortunate.

But overall the best season of the post-40 era and I’m happy with it!
I was about to about to rage if Heidi won. They didn't give her a storyline pretty much all season so it'd suck if suddenly in the final episode she took it. Yam Yam... he doesn't do anything for me. He's fine but I feel like he only won because he was friendly to everyone and not because he did anything wildly important. Carson was undoubtedly the best player this season, and Carolyn was undoubtedly the best television - and I loved her story and her spirit, I would've picked her to win since Carson didn't make it to the end. I guess when you're there it's different and the jury doesn't get to see what we see.
I was so bored for most of the finale dear god. But I am okay with the result! I do suspect we’ll see several of these players again.
Oh wow. Yam Yam securing $1,000,000 with his salon learnt tea spilling and verbiage. Maybe i do have a chance of getting a mortgage... If Carolyn couldn't wail and flail her way to the winners circle i'm glad it was one of her comrades in purple. Carolyn has instead won the hearts of Survivor fans and more importantly the bald inflamed head of Russel Hantz. Our dear Carson has every top with an OnlyFans in his inbox! The Fijian deities are smiling upon our triad of homophiles and the stain of Survivor 43 has finally come out of my buff!

So this season was spoiled when s43 was on air (a potential fan and production favorite female - that was revealed to be Carolyn- losing to Yam Yam) and i didn't want to watch it after the shitshow that was 43 but reading all your reactions here, i'm intrigued.