Survivor: S45 & 46

I have just finished watching 45 and Emily's last voting confessional for Dee made me scream. I think this has been the best one so far. Loved the cast and i can not wait for more Kellie, Emily, Kaleb, Sabiyah and Katurah in returning seasons.
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I'd like one, too. Do you think they'd only do a "new-school" returnee season or would they pick from pre-41 seasons too?
41: Shan, Ricard, Tiffany, Sydney
42: Tori, Drea, Omar, Lindsay
43: Elie, Noelle, Cody, Karla, Jessie
44: Frannie, Danny, Carson, Carolyn, Heidi
45: Kaleb, Kellie, Emily, Katurah, Kendra

I feel like they would need a couple more seasons if they wanted to do an all New School cast, as there would be too many people from a single season, but these would be the people I'd like to see back.

Watching premiere
Thank GOD Jelinsky was eliminated first; I haven't disliked a contestant that strongly that quickly in a long time; a truly embarrassing showing for him, I fear.

Not really loving anyone just yet; there are actually more people that I don't like than I do. I can't put my finger on it, but there's just something about the recent casting decisions that just rub me the wrong way - just so bubbly, forced eccentrics, similar to what soured Big Brother for me with their theatrical confessionals.

Venus seems iconic but will definitely burn bright and fast; I don't see her lasting more than two Tribal Councils. I love Q and Tiffany's attitudes - my early favorites.
Girls, just watch Australian Survivor. Great casting, loads of interpersonal drama that leads to actual conflict and emotional stakes, fresh and innovative twists on the format, hot people wearing almost nothing - it has everything you could want from Survivor.
This season is reminding me a bit of old school, Gabon-era Survivor, a lot of messy players who don’t like each other. What’s hilarious is that this comes immediately after Jeff was quoted as saying not wanting to see any more “villains” on the show. This season is probably why. But I’m entertained!