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Susanne Sundfør – generell diskusjon

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Loved your thoughts, especially regarding the lonely, midnight jazz feel that resonates throughout the album. Definitely picked up on that myself, & it's what makes the album so affecting & intimate for me.
  2. Do you get the download if your order the CD ?
    The digital version seems to be taken down?
  3. What a gorgeous album! I'm so glad she decided to do a complete 180° and can't wait to immerse myself in it.

    And "Mountaineers" works much better in context.
  4. I heard this last night for the first time and I'm really regretting agreeing to review it. I don't even know where to start. I'm glad I have another week and a half before it comes out. It's a gorgeous record but there's so much to take in. It kind of reminds me of when Bjork followed Homogenic and Vespertine with Medulla. Those albums were the peak of what she'd been working towards in her career of making stunningly beautiful music. She kept refining a formula with breathtaking results. Medulla was her deconstructing that sound and making something else completely different. I got that from Music For People In Trouble even though you could also argue she's stripped things down to mostly acoustic songs. The songwriting isn't simple though as the arrangements seem so complex in places. I know Ten Love Songs had Memorial and Insects, but it felt much more straight forward. I got late period Talk Talk too (who did a similar thing to Bjork on Spirit Of Eden and Laughing Stock). Throw in a bit of Tender Buttons, Secrets Of The Beehive, Third, Tales Of Us and Long Gone Before Daylight and this album basically took me to a similar place as bunch of my favourite albums of all time. She's pretty much the best songwriter around now isn't she?

    Apologies for the rambling post. I had one of those nights where it felt like I only slept for half an hour. Looking forward to spending more time with this beautiful and strange record.
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  5. Susanne has been such a disposable artist for me over the past few years, I've moderately enjoyed some of her songs but never loved them. But literally Oh my god at this album. It's complete perfection to be honest. The monologue at the beginning of 'The Golden Age', THE DRONE SOUNDS, the jazz breaks. It's just perfect. Slow-mo slut dropping to The Sound of War - as terrible as that sounds. And John Grant, I just love him wherever anyway! So happy with this.
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  6. Dagny did a genuinely impressive cover of Undercover. *slow claps*

  7. This album has taken over my life. I just submitted my review and I feel exhausted and emotional.
  8. Queen of taste. Had no idea Dagny had pipes like that.
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  9. First listen to the album in full this morning.
    Woah, this is truly amazing... easily in my Top 5 best albums so far this year.
  10. When is this out? Reincarnation is gorgeous!
    Glad she left the tired Eurotrash beats behind.
  11. Gorgeous from start to end, if a bit beige on the sides.
  12. You will be in my prayers tonight.
  13. This is still amazing and I've had it on repeat for 2 weeks. It's easily my album of the year, and likely to end up as one of my all time favourites.
  14. Cascada will be happy to have less competition now.
  15. Didn't you love her last album?
  16. It's a really sad album. She sounds gorgeous but like she almost given up. It's quite hard to listen to, but I need more time with it.
  17. Meant to type eurobeat! Just that there's trillion girls doing synth pop with emojis vocals right now, KLP, Astrid S, Anna Of The North etc etc.

    Yeah it's not a pleasant album.
  18. Right! I love that she just does a 180, good from euro disco to folksy piano ballads.
    Susanne is the original queen at emojis vocals!!!
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  19. I can already tell this album is going to stay with me for a long, long time.

    It's very "Scandinavian Twin Peaks", non?
  20. What the fuck is an emoji vocal?! Please stop with these dumb ass labels.

    I loved her last album, its the only solo stuff by her that I've checked out (I also enjoy her work with Royksopp).

    That sounds incredible though.
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