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Susanne Sundfør – generell diskusjon

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Pen Expers, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. People who've only listened to Ten Love Songs really need to get her previous stuff. You're missing a lot!
  2. I was so worried after reading your comments but this album is stunning from start to finish. A truly remarkable body of work.
  3. Mantra, Reincarnation, Bedtime Story, and No One Believes In Love Anymore are all so pretty.

    I actually adore No One Believes In Love Anymore already, it's my new Silencer.
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  4. No One Believes In Love Anymore is the only song on the album that makes me feel utterly hopeless, but the entire album is so beautiful.
  5. oy
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  6. ???
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  7. Random question, but does the CD booklet contain the lyrics? I've got the vinyl preordered but just wondering whether to download it from iTunes or get the CD - can't wait until 29th to hear it!
  8. The album just gets better with each listen.
    This is like her Vespertine or her Fishermans Woman...
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  9. My review went up today. Hope you guys don't mind me posting it here. It's probably too long and over descriptive, but I'm just happy that I was allowed to give it full marks. The last time I tried to give a new album the same score (Carly's Emotion) I wasn't allowed.

    Really glad to see such a positive reaction on here too. Looking forward to spending more time with the album and see everybody's thoughts. It feels like an album that will keep delivering the rewards for a long time.
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  10. It does indeed have the lyrics.
  11. Susanne's vocals are beautiful as always but I'm finding it quite bland album with just a few interesting moments . I was hoping the album would have far more dramatic moments. After a couple of listens 'Mountaineers' feels like the stand out track to me. It could just be a slow burn album so I will listen to it again this evening with a glass of wine.

    Edit After a 4th listen the album is definately a grower..... 'The Golden Age' is quite gorgeous.
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  12. Hmmm! You'll make me listen to this again.
  13. I can't wait to see what she does with this live.
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  14. The tour will be solo shows.
  15. !!!

    I'm guessing the European tour she's doing this Autumn will be more of an intimate thing with heavy focus on the album, but for a show this big surely it will encompass her entire career?
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  16. This is no 41 in the midweeks. It will be very frontloaded, but hopefully it will stay top 75 and beat the no 78 peak of Ten Love Songs. It would have helped if the vinyl was ready this week.
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  17. I love it, it's very beautiful and minimal.

    Reminds me of I Never Learn a little.
  18. I'm listening to this album now and it's just so gorgeous. Especially the three punch of Bedtime Story, Undercover and No One Believes in Love Anymore. Sometimes it can get a bit to slow, and I think some more instrumentation on a few songs could really add some emotion to it. But the melodies, the lyrics and her voice are stunning. The ending of Undercover really fucks me up.
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