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Susanne Sundfør – Music for People in Trouble (5th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Stereogum put up a lovely little three-song concert (Reincarnation, Bedtime Story, Undercover) she'd played for their crew today, it is of course incredibly beautiful (flawfree vocals) though equally entertaining was this amazing little piece of congenial snark in the article.

    @Stereogum commenters you're doing amazing keep it up.
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  2. What makes it even better is that unlike certain PJ users, they can actually spell her name right.

  3. If someone in the know ever feels like giving a quick tutorial & revealing what letter an “ø” is exactly . . (and whether or not it should in truth be considered Norwegian for “o” - or not?) & how to bring it up on a UK keyboard with ease & not resorting to cut/ paste, I (for one) would be most greatful.
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  4. It's not the same as "o", it's pronounced different and in both Norwegian, danish and Swedish this letter exists as an additional letter. It's hard to explain more than that the Scandinavian languages have different pronounciations and somehow have some additional letters than the English alphabet. I know it can easily be used on the iPhone (just press the letter "o" and hold until you receive the option, this is the case for British keyboard on iPhone at least).
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  5. Us Swedes have å, ä and ö as additonal letters in our alphabet. Ö is the Swedish version of the Norwegian/Danish Ø.
  6. Thanks to both of you for explaining.
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  7. To be honest, it would be great if the people @Oleander is referring to could get as far as writing "Sundfor". Delirious managed to make it through an entire Winners' Rate with poor Susanne's surname being repeatedly spelled "Sandfor".
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  8. I've listened to the album once. Should I revisit it?
  9. If it’s a rainy afternoon & you want to be chilled out, yes.
  10. No. If you have to ask you don't deserve her.

    (I'm kidding, but come on.)
  11. That's fair, really. I loved the last two so much that I wasn't expecting to feel nearly nothing with this on first listen.
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  12. I hear you.
  13. Maybe you just have to be in the mood for an album like this one. It has fucked me up repeatedly since its release.
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  14. It’s my favourite album of the year, but I completely understand why people may not like it, especially after 10 Love Songs.
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  15. Yes, like you I didn't really feel a connection to this album on the first few listens.
    I think it took me at least a few weeks for this album to finally click but when it does it really does...
  16. Saw her live tonight. She was just as fantastic as I knew she would be. It was a pretty low-key set up - a piano, a rhodes, a guitar, a synth, with one man assisting her with back-up instrumentation once in a while. She's a total treasure.

    The setlist was a bit different from the others I'd seen floating around. We actually got three Ten Love Songs tracks, which I was not expecting.

    She performed (Not in order):

    - Mantra
    - Walls
    - Good Luck Bad Luck
    - Accelerate
    - Bedtime Story
    - The Sound of War
    - When
    - Silencer
    - Reincarnation
    - Undercover
    - Can You Feel The Thunder
    - White Foxes

    - Nobody Believes In Love Anymore
    - Trust Me
  17. That's a great setlist - glad she lived up to expectations. So happy to see her playing Can You Feel The Thunder. The Silicone Veil & Mountaineers should have made the list though. Can't wait to see her in March!
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  18. My album of the year. This album means a lot to me. I wonder if she'll ever top the closing 1-2 punch that is The Golden Age & Mountaineers.
  19. I've decided to see her in Edinburgh next March, and I am praying she adds 'Slowly' into the setlist.

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  20. Her voice is so clear on Sound of War.
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