Swarm (Amazon Prime)

I was NOT expecting to see Charlie Walker's penis in episode 2. Also he's been hiding THAT body under those clothes?!

Well, this is wickedly fun. Only done 3eps so far but Maxwell's 'This Women's Work' and the 'Isn't that the girl from Love & Basketball' Sanaa Lathan reference had me howling.
Just finished it and what a ride! Dominique Fishback deserves so much for this performance. She breathed so much life into Drea with her micro mannerisms and expressions. It was wickedly fun but oof, that last ep. Now time to deep dive into the internet for this.
This was such a fun and intense ride. I'm a bit sad it was only 7 episodes as I feel they could have really drawn this out for another 6. Drea was a such a fascinating character and I loved as her layers unfolded, as disturbing as they may have been. Dominique hit every note beautifully and show's constant wavering between absurdist comedy & psychological thriller was handled so well. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it, and I feel like I'll be discussing it for ages.
Watched the first three episodes and I cannot stop thinking about the pretzel scene in episode 2.

The filming is incredible, I'm obsessed with the still shots and how the characters will come in and out of shots. It was particularly effective at the end of episode 2 with that death. And it's been said but the use of This Woman's Work is one of my favorite moments of song in television in a long time.