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Sweden-Norway Bop Queens Rate - Reveals! (Winner Revealed)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. It's karma for tanking Annie precious.
  2. Surely almost giving Songs Remind Me Of You is enough to restore the a balance? Karma’s dumb.
  3. Y'all really just kicked out the best song on Anniemal uh.
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  5. Heartbeat is still here. Though now I'm starting to worry it'll end up at like #13 or something. A mess.
  6. The three Annie songs I know and recognise by title:

    Chewing Gum
    Greatest Hit

  7. Last couple of eliminations have been rough.
    loveita enough.gif
  8. I just realised I'm like the scandipop Tahani Al-Jamil. Apologies :D
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  9. I remember none of the recently eliminated extras.
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  10. Don't Worry About me gone? Wtf
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  11. Both Annie & Zara are performing way worse than I expected. I thought they were forum darlings... Hopefully their top tracks can still make a run for it.

    Sorry to all the Velvet fans out there including @DJHazey, I find all her material pretty dated and cheesy!
  12. Chemistry is my gospel. Watch @CasuallyCrazed bomb it with a 0 and me regret not doing the same to Zara!*

    *(love you @CasuallyCrazed but your scoring system makes me paranoid for my faves xx)
  13. Apologies @Phonetics Boy! Chemistry got by far the highest Velvet score from me if its any consolation.

    I also don't really dispute these early Zara eliminations, they're definitely not the best she's capable of.
  14. who allowed this????????????????????

    not always too late... not velvet... not adelen!!!
  15. Always On My Mind - 8. Love that the recurring motif in the verses later on becomes a full-on synth riff. Like the subtle bridge before the main chorus and progression up to the riff. Just an enjoyable fun little pop ditty.

    Always Too Late - 8.5. Best part is the falling rain pitter-patter synth riff that occurs throughout the song. There's a slightly ominous feel which I enjoy with a great contrast between the breathy vocals and the fast rap-like part. Probably should have given this a 9.

    Fix Me - 8.5. This song has everything a perfect Swedish banger should have. Nothing groundbreaking hence the score but a great song.

    Don't Worry About Me - 8. Bit repetitive and seems like an interlude but I love the beat and the subtle synths. Really suits her voice as well.
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  16. Always Too Late is phenomenal!

    Also... Don't Worry Bout Me already out? Y'all wack!
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  17. Alright, even I'll admit that September has been unscathed just a little too long and hey what do you know it's not one of my 10s from her so I'll let the elimination slide...this time.

    66. September - Taboo - 7.389


    September - #22

    Sweden - #34

    Spotify Plays - #59

    Highest: 10 x 2 (@iheartpoptarts, @Music Is Life)

    Lowest: 1.5 (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Hazey: 9.5

    We take a break from assaulting Love CPR *sigh* to eliminate the first Dancing Shoes song in this rate. It's September's third studio album and was nominated for a Swedish Grammis Award for best Dance/Hip Hop/Soul album of the year in 2007. I think I picked out the best tracks from the album to represent it, but of course I'm biased in that opinion. However, getting all the way to #66 before losing one is quite the feat. I knew "Taboo" might end up being last place from it because I added it last. It was always this fun, carefree little bop that grew on me over the years and was interested to see how well it would perform and see if any new fans of it would emerge.

    You can always count on positivity from this source:

    @Music Is Life (10) - LOVING the production here as well. Love the chorus. Love the bridge too!

    Also from this source of course, which is easy when it reminds her of her favorite era of music:

    @iheartpoptarts (10) - This is so 90s I’m obvs gonna 10 it. It’s like they gave some Cheiron-era pop song a dance remix. I mean, people actually did do that. But yeah.

    At least this kind of comment doesn't have a 1.5 attached to it, like *cough* other people:

    @daninternational (8.6) - 8.6 Maybe it's the ridiculous fan-made video I saw, but this feels dated. In a kinda fun way though.

    I...did not think of board games with that title, but to each their own ddd:

    @WowWowWowWow (8) - Personally, I usually find myself thinking about Scattergories or Jenga, but to each their own.

    Scattergories is one of my favorites too, along with Logos, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit.

    I'm sorry, but this is what makes the song distinct and amazing:

    @Sprockrooster (5) - It could have done without that extra production sounds.
  18. "Taboo" is a fun song, but because the rest of Dancing Shoes is so strong, it's always felt a little slight to me. (Though there are still at least ten songs I would have eliminated before it here.)
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  19. There's a few artists from Norway that have avoided eliminations so far, but that's about to change.


    Wouldn't that be a shocker? But no, Margaret fans can relax for now.


    Well I'd rather have that, but it's not to be.

    65. Sigrid - Don't Feel Like Crying - 7.402

    Sigrid - #4

    Norway Extras - #11

    Norway - #30

    Spotify Plays - #8

    Highest: 11 (@saviodxl) 10 x 3 (@pop3blow2, @Music Is Life, @Remorque)

    Lowest: 3 (@Verandi)

    Hazey: 8

    Charts/Certifications: #13 (UK) #8 (U.S. Club/Dance) #22 (Norway) #13 (Netherlands) #36 (China) Gold (UK)

    This was the 4th single from 2019's Sucker Punch, despite being the 4th single released before the album was even released. It was co-written by Sigrid and Emily Warren (known for writing songs for many Billboard chart-toppers in recent years). As far as the song's meaning, Sigrid explains, "There's a certain grace to heartache. A sort of...epic grace! I like good, heartfelt pop songs". Exclaim! magazine said the song reminds them of Carly Rae Jepsen and I never really thought about that, but this is very much a Dedicated track for sure. Dedicate being probably my favorite overall album of the yeas means only good things. Other critics noted it for being one of her most 'emotional resilient' songs while also still being a 'feel-good pop song'. To me, it's not as explosive or catchy as she can be, but still something I use a lot and so that's about an 8 or 8.5 for me.

    The parade of "should've had this in the rate' begins:

    @daninternational (5) - The Plot Twist was that that song isn't on the list. That set such high expectations she's failed to live up for, for me. This is so decent.

    @Untouchable Ace (8.6) - Not as good as 'High 5'.

    Someone wanted it to stay cute:

    @iheartpoptarts (7) - When it starts out I feel like it’s going to be adorable but then it never quite gets there.

    THE ONE.

    Looks like the CRJ inspiration was ever-present (also when these two read the comments they'll know they've made a new best friend):

    @livefrommelbs (9) - This is my favourite Sigrid track and it still holds up in this list. I just love the way the music plucks along with a Carly Rae-esque energy. Also, that "It hasn't hit me yet, but I know if I go home I'm gonna get upset?" lyric? TOO REAL, SIGRID.

    @pop3blow2 (10) - I love Carly Rae Jepsen about as much as any pop star I’ve obsessed over. But, ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ does that whole staccato pop string section about as well as any song I’ve ever heard… even better than ‘Call Me Maybe’... which is what it instantly reminded me of on first listen. This is a brilliant pop song on every level. The little: ‘It hasn't hit me yet/And I know if I go home I'm gonna get upset’ is one of my favorite moments on a pop sing this year.

    I don't even listen to Call Me Maybe anymore, as it suffered from over-play while many other songs on that album never did.

    Our 11 giver looks for that perfect blend of opposing emotions and this delivered:

    @saviodxl (11) - A song about break up that doesn't include revenge or lamentation and is a fucking happy pop? Wow! What a song my friends!

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  20. Basically what I would have written too. The album turned out SO vanilla after the greatness of the debut EP.
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