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Sweden's official Pride anthem 2006

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by popknark, Aug 3, 2006.

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    I'm sure you remember After Dark, who went through to the final in Melodifestivalen a couple of years ago with "La Dolce Vita". Well, their new single is a Swedish version of Village People's "Go West", and is about coming out of the closet. The title is "Kom Ut", which means "Come Out".

    How is this Eurovision related? Well, because the video is full of parodies of Melodifestivalen stars like Kikki Danielsson, Lena Philipsson, Carola and Herreys. You can watch it on Youtube here. It's quite funny!
  2. Okay, Lena, Kikki, Herreys and Carola are pretty obvious. Is the white outfit Nanne? Poor Kikki, it must be hard being a larger lady when a skinny tranny pretends to be you and stuffs her face constantly.
  3. I think the one in the white is meant to be Nanne.

    There is a serious lack of windmachines for Carola. Not even a pocket sized one.
  4. it's not very funny really... especially compared to the performance they did at Melodifestivalen last year which was hilarious.
  5. Carola with a big rainbow cape has to worth a titter.

  6. True. I feel it'd be better if I could understand the lyrics. But maybe not.
  7. I thought it was quite funny.

    Lena - Wonder how many years the mic stand will stick to her?

    Kikki D - Very cruel with the food (but funny) -  could of been very cruel and added the drinking problem.

    Carola - Can't believe they left out the wind machine!

    Nanne - Clothers are the wrong colour, but hair is right.

    Plus the Herreys. - The campest melodifestivalen song EVER!
  8. No4 in the Swedish charts...
  9. Wow. Sweden is so gay. Which is good.
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