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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. The new Young Ejecta single is ace.
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  2. Delighted someone else her knows them, there's a really special quality to their songwriting and production that draws you in. The new album might be their best yet!
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  3. Having a moment to College’s debut EP this morning. One of my entry points into synthwave, and still so good.

  4. Instantly uplifting!
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  5. I'm loving the Lau track, it's ridiculously catchy and she has a great voice.
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  6. I really love Antoni Maiovvi.

    He releases under a few aliases, this his his latest album.

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  7. Two huge albums today.

  8. I’m loving Jessie’s album, The One is utterly gorgeous and she’s a sweetheart on Instagram. The album cover is stunning too. Discovered thanks to your ace blog thanks!
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  9. Yay this is great news.
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  10. kinda love Jessies album too, nice surprise
  11. I am loving this new album.

    @backstreetjoe mentioned them in another thread, but I think they fit in here too.

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  12. Another big thanks to Backstreetjoe for bringing Jessie's album to my attention too - It's absolutely ace; right up my street!
  13. Yeah Jessie’s album is a little slice of heaven and sounds so good back to back with NINA’s album! Thank you @backstreetjoe!
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  14. Another one here loving Jessie’s album

    Also, love this thread! I made a synthwave playlist with some songs from here and it’s HEAVEN
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  16. Some nice new ones this week.

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