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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Synthfags, have we discussed how Lebrock has released a collection of total bops this year? Hollow and Takes All Night both go all the way off.
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  2. Stumbled on this earlier....look who appears at 3:00, the iconic green blouse blonde. I love this song. I find all this modern 'synth wave' can be very hit and miss but this one gets it right.

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  3. Nina (and @backstreetjoe) led me to these.....some old, some new.

    Essenger : After Dark

    The Midnight : Deep Blue

    Ocean Drive : Miami Nights 1984

    FM-84 : Running In The Night

    Adal & Freja : Fire To You

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  4. Surely the biggest synthwave hit of all time?

  5. This genre called synthwave seems niche with only four pages here on PJ but it is basically the sound of so many songs which have been fairly widely discussed here on PJ during the last few years. It's no revelation I know, I think that 'synthwave' seems niche and sure the artists in this thread are specialist but the sound really has been everywhere under the surface of pop for the last five years.

    I think it kind of really started with Anoraak and Grum et al in the late 00's and then took off with Drive in 2011. Italians Do It Better also championed the sound over the last decade. Nina, The Midnight et al are kind of the second wave of it?

    I have left Taylor's Style out on purpose as that really was everywhere as brilliant as it is.

    I think that Lost Girls by Bat For Lashes may be the finest example of the genre but that's just me banging on about the best pop album of the last ten years again (sorry Annie)

    All of these songs have that warm synthy moody atmospheric throb which grabs me in a nanosecond.

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  6. Does anyone remember this nerdy goofy masterpiece of a ‘bromance’ pop video, I vaguely remember it getting some front page attention on PJ 10 (!) years ago. Probably not strictly synthwave but it has the feeling. It still sounds great to me.

    Grum: Through The Night (2010)

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  7. That's Polish!

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  8. LAU - (you may know her as Nina feat. LAU on the majority of Nina's releases) - is releasing her debut album next month.

    New single the Cards is rather lovely

  9. Speaking of Grum, this reminds me one of my all-time favorite synthwave tracks is now a decade old.

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  10. I LOVE the video for this, its so cool.

    Also in other news it's band camp Friday today, use the code aztec15 for 15% off CDs/Vinyl etc across the Aztec Records catalogue.
    I've just ordered the two Nina albums on vinyl and preordered LAU's album and Sunglasses Kid.
  11. I've been obsessed with this lately:

    A dreamy spacey synthwave song is what I need as a chillout.

    The artist has released an EP recently. I haven't heard it yet, but let me share it anyway.

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  12. Hey guys I’m running a Synthwave of on Instagram and I would really appreciate any follows I receive @ hypersynthblog if you DM you’re from pop justice I will follow back!
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