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Synthwave & Retrowave - General Genre Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. I love that Grum album, I liked his recent one too but it is more 90's house/trance.
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  2. Hi guys I’m trying to get a new Synthwave subreddit off the ground...

    It’s basically attempting to create a safe place for people of all different backgrounds to come together and discuss Synthwave/adjacent media.

    As some Synthwave fans will unfortunately know not all places to discuss it are the most pleasant for people from minority backgrounds... as well as there being a tendency to have vitriol towards related genres or ‘gatekeepy’ about deviations from established norms.

    It’s called R/SynthwaveRRR I really would appreciate anyone who joins - much love!
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  4. Laura's album is up for pre-order today on Bandcamp. New single has Client and Kristin Kontrol vibes as well as synthwave.
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  5. I don’t think I’m feeling Glasgow Song!
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  6. I love this! You sold me with the Client and Kristin Kontrol comparisons.
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  7. Yay!
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  8. I listened to the other two songs on her youtube channel and I really like them as well. Bookmarked her bandcamp page.
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  9. I'm obsessed.
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  10. Thanks for this - I just blogged it. Found the album on Bandcamp too.
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  11. I was perusing Donna Lewis' Bandcamp page and this was a suggested album - it's more synthwave adjacent than full-on synthwave but I'm digging the Goldfrapp vibes of Wicked Thing.
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  12. I'm obsessed, thanks.
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