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SZA - Ctrl (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. SZA’s verse is fire
  2. Power Is Power did nothing for me, but we should be getting that DJ Khaled collab soon?
    At one point he said the album was out on the 17th, but that seems unlikely with not even a cover released?

    EDIT: Oh, I just remembered he is booked for SNL next Saturday. I guess it will just be a digital-only first week.
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  3. This really is the ultimate cash-grab. Mixed feelings.
  4. SZA's part is actually quite nice but I don't have time to listen to The Weeknd in 2019.
  5. This. Ruins every song.

  6. The song itself is really nice but that Outkast sample is wholly unnecessary and really very lazy.
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  7. SZA kills this, but what is the point in DJ Khaled? It's another song where it's a straight sample of another song, and he just talks over it. It's almost borderline parody now...
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  8. DJ Khaled is just... happy to be there. He's inoffensive, though, I'm fine with him just popping here and there, shout his 4 quotes and get his coin. He's endearing.

    Miss SZA though, I hope she's jumping on all these collabs to boost her profile, because I'm needing new music from her like breathing.
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  9. SMG


    I could listen to SZA all day every day

    As if I don’t already ddd
  10. DJ Khaled's entire career.
  11. There's something in SZA's voice that just leaves you wanting more. Love her!
  12. RJF


    “Instagram story”

    *closes tab*
  13. If she actually comes through this year, it might be the best year for music ever
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  14. Her grandmother passed away.

  15. We're inching closer to the release of this song

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  16. She also mentioned she’ll drop her cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me:

  17. Oh my god. "Kiss Me" but make it bop, her mind.
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