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SZA - "Good Days" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. This is going to be like the A Seat At The Table to Anti's Lemonade and I'm so perched.
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  2. Thanks for posting the teaser @Ghetto Boy. Those snippets are DELIGHTFUL. Also I screamed when she did the back handspring.

    This is my personal favorite SZA moment:
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  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  4. Everything sounds so good, I feel like this album is gonna make me fall in love.
  5. I need Love Galore in HQ ASAP.
  6. The website is cool and all but I want the damn album...
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  7. She's now starring in the new Ivy Park campaign, so that's cool.

    And the album:
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  8. Mr.Arroz

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    Hury the fucc up like damn.
  9. I want bops.
  10. I think Drew Barrymore is the best song of the year so far, so I'll let her be late I guess.
  11. Same. Except it's making me impatient.
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  12. Drew Barrymore is also my #1 right now and it will take something quite special to beat it.
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  13. Another number one spot for Drew Barrymore here.This album should be good.
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  14. Those snippets in that video a few pages back still has me wet. I need to be drenched.
  15. You're such a snippet chaser.
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  16. Probably April because they were doing the final tracklist like a week or two ago
  17. This is great
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  19. Also



  20. Is that first tweet actually real?

    She can rot if it is.
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