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SZA - "Good Days" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Hahahaha she signed with RCA HAHAHA.
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  2. RCA is probably handling distribution and radio for TDE
  3. What a stupid ending to a cool concept.

    Drop the damn album sis
  4. why does everything I love break
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  5. What if she becomes the new P!nk.
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  6. Woah. I'm loving this.
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  7. I know everyone's all "SZA is canceled" but.. ctrl is coming JUNE 9TH. She's serving IMAGERY in the announcement:

  8. Drew Barrymore is still one of the best songs this year so... deliver, mama.
  9. Such a short release window for something that had the most hype months ago when Drew Barrymore dropped
  10. Y*S at the 14 tracks. I think there are better images they could ahve chosen though, but there are a lot worse ones (especially the one they had planned around the original date).

    I also love that she always has like 20 pounds of hair that takes over her whole frame. Goals.
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  11. Why did I think all the tracks would be named after actresses? A bit disappointed on that front, but oh my god LOVE GALORE IS EVERYTHING. And that video? Amazing.
  12. I'm just glad the image of the forearm with CTRL tattooed onto it isn't the cover
  13. Glorious cover. Poor Tinashe though.
  14. She is stunning, can't wait for this. RCA are just distributing this through her own label which is what caused the initial delay. There seems a lot of hype for it.
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  15. The album cover is brilliant.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I am so ready!
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  17. She serves LOOKS on Instagram to.

  18. She said they would be before Love Galore
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  19. Something to tide us over till next week.
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