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SZA - "Good Days" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I loved it, I guess I'm the only one here.
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  2. Nah, I’m surprised at how much the song and video combo works for me and I’ve been mixed on The Neptunes’ production over the last several years.
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  3. I'm sure a bunch of news articles will come out about it tomorrow and hopefully they'll clarify what the plan is. If it's the lead I would say go ahead
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  4. It’s definitely a grower. After a few plays I’m swaaaaaaying y’all. It’s a bop
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  5. I think I just found a draft of the plan: release the single and wait.
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  6. The second part of the song not on Spotify. Homophobic.
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  7. Reminds me of Kehlani’s album, which I grew to like.
  8. Well, my Thursday just got a whole lot better.
    Honestly, I have... no words? I was just gawking and gasping in awe through the video. I think I'll love this one, just gotta get through this gay stupor that was brought on by a drought of SZA and getting my ass kicked by both tiredness and allergies
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  9. Girl idk about this song but the second one! OK! Release it now!
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  10. I like it, but It's not really interesting. I was kinda hoping for her to level up a bit coming off the back of Ctrl and this didn't deliver.

    The video is decent but I also don't have high expectations when it comes to her videos nn.
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  11. I'm not listening to the second song, because if it's not on streaming it's not a real released song.

    But yeah I dunno... it's fine. There's nothing to hate, & semi-sorta-kinda-bops.

    Similar to that last milquetoast Solange album, it feels like everyone in the studio was like "What if we like... vibed?" and stopped there. Also similar to that Solange album, it stings a bit more because the artist in question has had such captivating and original things to say in the past - even on the more lowkey, causal moments they've produced.
  12. It’s a mood!

  13. "I just wanted to share something" doesn't sound like an album is coming does it?

  15. It's alright. Ironically, nothing about it hits different. Was hoping she would branch out a bit. Just sounds like something off of CTRL, really.
  16. I'm...whelmed.
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  17. Of course, the random new song teased at the end of the video is exactly the lane she should be in, & should have been released in place of this. Of course.
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  18. Oh Parris really choreographed this? There's a bit straight outta Boombayah ddd
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  19. Huh, alright. I need a few more listens.
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