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SZA - "Good Days" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Well at least we’ll always have Ctrl.
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  2. Well this is boring.
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  3. both the song and the video? Ty's "hit different, hit different" hook is already installed in my brain. And the visuals are gorgeous, her covered in blood and sitting on the vaulting buck, beautiful.
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  4. SMG


    Yeah, I love this.
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  5. This is beautiful.
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  6. Personally, I'm still having a hard time believing that SZA really dropped a new song. It just doesn't make sense. and I love it, shocker.
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  7. This is phenomenal, I’m freaking out that she’s finally back!
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  8. I like it, a lot. I’ve had it on a loop for the third time in a row & it’s a vibe more so than a bop. Kinda perfect for this time of the year.
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  9. I really like both new songs.
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  10. It's very nice but nothing particularly special. We've been waiting so long I was hoping for something more challenging or interesting from her.

    If this is just a one off and she disappears right after...
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  11. Does this sample Aaliyah's Come Over, or was that sampling something else also used here?

    Set to start at sample, hopefully:

  12. Beats 1 interview is live in 10 minutes:

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  13. The second half is so sublime...
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  14. rdp


    Well, count me in as part of the group that loves this.
  15. Why are the girls still working with the Neptunes. Develop.
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