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SZA - "Good Days" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. tea


    That snippet and the song at the end of Hit Different are nice, but I'm excited to hear it all as a body of work.
    It portrays rappers in a negative light by putting them in a box, degrades their art in general, and it disproportionately affects black people. I could be a bit off though I just learned about this a couple weeks ago.
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  2. The streams for this are...abysmal. Just over 27m on Spotify after almost two months. It’s a shame because it has definitely grown on me. Terrible “comeback” song though. I hope she can get it together and launch properly but I suspect it’s not gonna happen until 2021.
  3. Good Days might be on the way?

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  4. How is that number low for her? It’s doing pretty good.
  5. Whitney did that with 5 singles - streaming really fucked the album chart.
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  6. I get what you’re saying to an extent, but isn’t calculating streaming stats as part of the Billboard 200 just a better way of measuring music consumption nowadays?
  7. Oh yeah, and you know I'm a pro-streaming hun all the way, just meant when comparing new and old accolades it'll seem weird.
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  8. You can never compare chart records from a different era anyway.

    Like how prior to the late 90s/00s, albums wouldn't peak in sales in their first week. And then it became all about whose first week #s were higher.
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  9. Can you say iconic:
  10. A little late for that nn
  11. New collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion out this Friday:

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  12. Ugh I can't stop listening to this. That hook is an earworm. I need her music back in my life.
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  13. I can say that "Hit Different" is officially a banger. With these nights that turn dark quickly, it's a mood lately.
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