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SZA - "Good Days" + No Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Well.
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  3. The song is out (in New Zealand) and it's really good. It's more pop than I excepted from him.
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  4. The thread title.
  5. That's brilliant. Almost too good to be casually tossed away on a Space Jam soundtrack.
  6. I love, love, love this!
  7. Sza's sure gonna be able to say "That's your mommy" when watching children's movies with her future child, but i'd rather an album just come, please.
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  8. So many great songs came out today and yet this throwaway track might be my favorite of them all.
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That sounds so lovely and pensive.
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  10. I played myself by watching the Good Days video again just for Shirt over the weekend and whew I haven't been this thirsty for a full song since like, Kiss It Better?

    I'm fully prepared for her to perform it and still wait at least three months before releasing the song on streaming.
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  11. It looks like the top part is covered but:

    ____ (probably Love Galore? Supermodel? Both?)
    Drew Barrymore
    Broken Clocks
    The Weekend
    All the Stars
    Kiss Me More
    Hit Different
    Good Days
    Normal Girl
    Doves in the Wind
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  12. Looks excellent otherwise but Wavy over Go Gina (and 20 Something teebs) is a bit of an oversight.
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  13. RJF


    "Just For Me" is so, so sweet and warm.
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  14. So the setlist she posted wasn't what ended up airing, and she didn't do Shirt lmao. She sounded great though and some of the arrangements were really nice.

    Go Gina
    Love Galore feat. Travis
    Drew Barrymore
    Broken Clocks
    The Weekend
    All the Stars (just the chorus)
    Kiss Me More
    Hit Different
    Pretty Little Birds feat. Isaiah
    20 Something
    Good Days
  15. What a catalogue she already has with just one album released! Graduations, funerals, weddings, etc.

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  16. Nn thank god she cut Doves In the Wind and gave us 20 Something instead.
  17. I paused Just For Me halfway through and just turned on Hold On, We’re Going Home instead.
  18. Yes indeed, the average person has experienced many and even multiple of the events you listed since CTRL's release.
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