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SZA - "Good Days"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I still play Z but news of a new album are even more exciting:

    The Rihanna buzz will surely give her more of a bounce too.
  2. I love SZA, and I'm totally here for her delivering more Considerations. That sweet yet attitude-driven pop sound totally suits her. She's so effortlessly cool.
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  3. Finally. Z was amazing and I'm excited to see what she'll do now that she has a higher profile. I need more Julias and HiiiJacks.
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  5. twoAM is my most played song this summer.
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  6. The mirror line gets me every damn time.
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  7. The album is shelved, looks like. The @s suggest some label bullshit got in the way.
  8. Another talented artist in label limbo it seems. It really pays to be independent it seems in this digital age.
  9. I don't buy it, for some reason. She doesn't strike me as the type of artists who struggles to get music out. But I guess you never know with these things. I hope the album comes out eventually cause I think SZA is very promising.
  10. Noooooo. No. NOT SZA.
  11. I guess they just want her in writing camps... I am really surprised she didn't get a big push with at least one song, especially after debut was so well acclaimed and of course Consideration.
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  13. She's back! The album is officially back on the menu! And the lead single is amazing:

    (also that four-character words and above only search limit needs to die seriously)
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  14. I played Z so much over the holidays. Welcome back queen.
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    fix the thread title
  16. Drew Barrymore (the song, and yes, the person) is fantastic.
  17. Somebody get tha tacos
    somebody sparked a blunt
    let's start the narcos
    off at episode one
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