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SZA - "Good Days"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. More A/CTRL cuts have found their way online.
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  2. SZA’s hard drive and Charli XCX’s Google Drive vs. their passwords being “hackme”
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  3. Not “Who knows!” I hate her so much

    “It ain’t coming till I have no idea if I believe in it or not!”
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  4. So uh, Brace Yourself leaked.
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  5. Was that coming out on album two or was it a CTRL leftover?

  6. This is beautiful! It sounds like a spaceship, gorgeous production.
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  7. I'm pretty sure this was in consideration to be the lead for her 2nd album at one point, I think it was the first clip of new music she posted after CTRL too. Who knows what she'll do anymore.
  8. She should be almost at album three. I’m so frustrated because the music is there.
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  10. Even the update accounts are tired!

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  11. Give me Shirt like 6 months ago, please. Feeding the Tiktokers is how you get anywhere these days. I'm forever pressed they didn't capitalize on that.
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  12. It's ridiculous that the fue mejor remix still isn't out after being teased six months ago. Not SZA's release allergy spreading to other artists she works with now.
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  13. She posted a 'random thoughts' song to Soundcloud and it's gorgeous. I hate how she has to starve us for content when even her scraps are this good.
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  14. I Hate You is so good?! She also dropped a third one, Nightbird.
  15. its_been_84_years.gif

    These new songs are great too, “Nightbird” in particular!
  16. Watch Shirt get thrown up on Soundcloud, never to be acknowledged again.
  17. Gosh her quality control is insane - these three new songs are incredible! I hope she releases them onto Spotify but why do I get the vibe that she's leaked these without label permission dd
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