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SZA - "Good Days"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I just…can’t at her complaining about her situation everywhere but then threatening her fans that she’ll pull the plug when they try and support her. She’s insufferable. It’s like constant gaslighting. Like, I guess there could be some label fuckery, but she has one of the biggest songs in the country right now and just came off a big solo hit that had potential to be a #1 with even a smidge of promo. I don’t understand why she’s like this.
  2. Honey.
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  3. Her full livestream from today:

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  4. Shirt performance:

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  5. If she doesn't release Shirt, ever... I will be pissed. She's already killed the entire moment she could've had with it blowing up on tiktok to make something from that. I don't know if she's entirely to blame for that because I know there's a lot of factors in releasing music but damn I want that song so bad.
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  6. She’s definitely taking the piss or it’s really only an interlude…
  7. Stanning her is so exhausting sometimes nn.
  8. New James Blake collaboration on the way:

  9. Mess at us not having Shirt STILL... Why she sabotaging herself like this ?
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  10. I honestly hate her.
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  11. I'm not kidding when I say that I see her name in the likes section of 80% of posts on my Instagram feed. I wish she spent half this energy on actually releasing music.
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  12. Who is asking for all these collaborations??

  13. T.D.E.
  14. CTRL just surpassed 2 billion streams on Spotify:

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  15. New collaboration with Isaiah Rashad out this Friday:

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  16. Must be the ‘release every song that isn’t yours’ challenge.
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  17. The only collab I'm interested in at the moment is SZA (feat. Top Dawg & RCA) - SZA2
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  18. Instead of bitching about not getting material why don’t some of you actually enjoy the material she *is* putting out?

    I mean, my god, some of us here are Sky Ferreira stans. Have a bit of sensitivity and be grateful for your ft. crumbs.
  19. I’m a Sky and SZA fan, I just live for the pain!
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