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SZA - "Good Days"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. CTRL outtake called "Roses" leaked.
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  2. Full article:

  3. “Who knows” she’s so annoying nn
  4. Don't wanna give away too much? It's been 4 years
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  5. This post took me OUT

    But seriously can we just get Shirt
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  6. Imagine being a stan of three artists and these being Rihanna, SZA and Adele.
    *bops to door screech*
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  7. And the worst part is, that performance (and therefore interview) was almost a month ago now, so she's probably changed her mind at least 8 times since then. Maybe 9.
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  8. SZA stans are too sexy and interesting to also stan someone like Adele.
  9. We will see in 2034 with the second album.
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  10. please someone help me I’m dying.
  11. I still don't understand not releasing Shirt when it was ready to go and going viral on Tiktok. Somebody please explain.
  12. Curtains leaked. It's short and starts with Sade's 'Is It a Crime?'
  13. How old is that? Sounds pre-CTRL to me
  14. rdp


    To be fair I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the DaBaby situation
  15. It was supposedly posted yesterday so what could it be in relation too?
  16. rdp


    Ah her stories are usually full of these self positivity memes and stuff
  17. That's why i unfollowed her. Brilliant musician, but incredibly annoying on social media.
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