SZA - S.O.S.

Snooze cracks me up. I hadn't paid attention to the first verse, so I thought it was just her take on a loved-up classic R&B song. But then I read the lyrics and almost died:

I'll touch that fire for you
I do that three four times again, I testify for you
I told that lie, I'd kill that bitch
I do what all of them around you scared to do, I'm not
Long as you juggin' out here for me, I got it
Mobbin', schemin', lootin', hide your bodies
Long as you dreamin' 'bout me, ain't no problem
I don't got nobody, just with you right now
Tell the truth, I look better under you
I don't wanna be your girlfriend
I'm just tryna be your person
I don't need to be your girl, uh
Cool with just being your person, uh


Already tried to be your girl
We can't evеn speak, but you stay on my mind
I can't regret no time spent with you
And I still wonder if you notice me, yes