SZA - S.O.S.

I'd love for the success of this album + single to wake labels up to how much more attention their R&B girls should be getting. It's probably not going to happen, but SZA is proof that great music can find an audience if it's given the right push and time to grow. This is a really huge moment for her.
Right?! Like so many of our faves stuck without an album could use this to both invest in songwriters and releasing material!
Ahhh I’m so elated for her getting her first #1! I’m also glad it isn’t the remix version, that would have irked me because the song didn’t need the remix at all.

Seeing her blossom this era has been so great to see. A number 1 album, an acclaimed tour (and 4 sold out nights in the 02 in London - MOTHER!) and just the general agreement that SZA is one of the greatest out there right now.

I’ll never tire of talent winning!
Is anyone going to her tour in Glasgow?

I have standing tickets and although I'm not bothered about being front row or that close, I do want to be relatively close to the stage, anyone got any advice for what time to turn up to queue?
This sort of rap-battle mentality tracks with SZA’s personality. She operates best when challenged. It’s the fuel that converts her insecurities into the necessary ego-driven energy it takes to be, as Beyoncé would say, that girl. “If it was time for me to go to war with a bitch based on my talents alone, I would come out victorious because there’s something inside of me that wants to devour someone’s soul,” she says, looking me dead in the eye for emphasis before switching back to the friendly demeanor we had for most of the interview.

I do love her... ddd.
Finally home from the Manchester show… it was amazing. On top of the setlist she’s added Normal Girl for the UK dates.

I was always sad the Ctrl tour never made it over to Europe and that I’d have to see her on a bigger stage but she inhibits it so well - I would never have expected it a few years ago. It was one of the best put together arena shows I’ve seen.

She said repeatedly Manchester was the best show of the tour and even came out after the show had ended and lights were up just to reiterate that fact!