SZA - S.O.S.

It's the VMA's, but...still. Imagine if Punch pulled her from the Grammy's if they didn't nominate her like what happened to The Weeknd. The potential!
Was just coming here to post that. It’s unfortunate and short-sighted; she deserves to be taking a victory lap for this album. She also had plenty of other nominations and no one cares about Artist of the Year at the VMAs. It literally wasn’t even a thing until a few years ago.
Wait I didn’t realise she wasn’t nominated for Artist of the Year? That is definitely odd considering how well the album is still doing.
Didn't need Justin on Snooze, but his voice is nice so its a nice listen. Although I'd rather she had actually saved the collab for a new song that would benefit from two singers collabing instead of throwing him on Snooze to help it chart higher.
It’s ok, though like on most of her features, SZA tends to really eat others up on the track ddd pen game aside, her vocals are just so charismatic. Her verse on Telekinesis was much better, though.

PS It’s okay to find Bieber hot, I promise you!

He sounds really good on the track and it tickles me that he tried to imitate SZA’s cursive singing style.
SZA's verse on Slime You Out is the only part worth playing so I will credit her as being the only reason it went #1.