SZA - S.O.S.

I actually can bop to Rich Baby Daddy more than Slime You Out. The former is at least fun trashy, while the latter is just a bit boring. Telekinesis is her best collab this year, though, probably even vying for my favorite collab from her!

There's just something about the way she sings, "Funny how you say you about us, you don't ever pull up on me, put it on me."
In case anyone was going to her Toronto show tonight:

I've been watching her tour videos and it looks so pretty, a step up from her previous tours.

From what I've seen, the show feels very aware of what the fan favorites are by their treatment of the songs. It seems like such a moment from how loud the crowd sings along to The Weekend.
Her songs really take their time to get to the top. Like, I was getting my life to Snooze back in 2022. It feels more like a throwback moment instead of a current hit.


My favorite from CTRL changes, depending on my mood, but sometimes it’s Normal Girl. It’s just the way those synths on the outro come after “This time next year, I’ll be living so good, won’t remember no pain, I swear”. It sounds so magical, as if she’s putting out a spell in the universe to completely manifest it.

SZA at her best just knows how to make iconic instrumental outros, which is refreshing in an era where songs are supposed to be shorter. I know she may be the exception, not the rule, but I hope other artists take notice.