SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

On my second play through and I’m loving the album. I don’t think it’s impactful as CTRL but really, not many albums are.

Really interested to see how this album continues to reveal itself upon more listens but it’s nice to have SZA back.
Get all around you and I regress
On a side with demons I digest
I'm just high off repeating, I digress
Trying to find deeper meaning in nonsense
Trying to grow without hating the process

F2F is fucking spectacular. Instant classic.

It's been out 9 hours. Have you slept?!

I'm in the US on the West Coast, I used a VPN earlier in the day to listen when it was released in New Zealand, so that's the only reason I've had some time with it already.
What are these comments about the album being bloated? Something with a consistently sky-high level of quality cannot be considered bloated. Despite the length, there are hardly any filler tracks, and it's also conceptually and sonically cohesive. It's not like you have 23 tracks to rack up the streams, you have them so you can get deeper into it and cry more lmao.

Anyway, the album is spectacular. Every song brings something new and necessary and unpacking it is pure enjoyment. It's adventurous but refined, it's so fun and dynamic, but it is also so self-assured in its vulnerability and depth.