SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

My work commute right now it about an hour 10 min drive. Perfect.

EDIT: The album will take a few listens to really wrap my head around it all, but on first spin it’s incredible and well with the wait. The middle stretch with Gone Girl, Ghost in the Machine, F2F, and Special is especially inspired.

So happy to have her back.
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Ghost in the Machine finally clicked with me and now, I need a collab album between them.

I'm about to dive in, but before I do: where would y'all recommend I put Hit Different in the tracklisting? I know it wasn't part of the album itself but I want it to be nn
I totally get the comments saying she got lost at some point in the sequencing. Totally get it. But this is fantastical!!

F2F and Nobody Gets Me were the instant ones which is saying something about her mind cause Go Gina and Normal Girl were the ones on CTRL (aside from the singles).

I would LOVE for her to explore that early 90’s / early aughts skater girl alt rock sound more. She does it so well!!!

Sooooo, where’s the vinyl?? Signed again please and thank you!
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Never been particularly interested in her, started the album and found myself not paying attention, until F2F and Nobody Gets Me. She got my little emo self!