SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

Following up Ctrl was always going to be a massive hill to climb. I think the “throw shit at the wall” approach was the right one for this album. It picks up where the last album left off in some ways, but the variety in production turns this into a completely different beast. I’ve always had the gut feeling that she’s wanted to live her Big Pop Girl fantasy with some of the collabs shes done over the years. I think she did a great job balancing those sensibilities while still making something that’s unmistakably SZA.

There’s a few tracks I’d cut, but overall I adore this album.
I actually think the album benefits from the length, she's a galaxy brain girl and having this much space to leave no stone unturned sonically is its greatest strength after several spins.

There isn't a weak track here but I was stuck on Blind all morning, it's even better in studio form. F2F and Nobody Gets Me are right there as well but outside of those two it's impossible for me to pick highlights without just listing most of the track list. I'm just so relieved to finally have this album and can't wait to spend all winter with it.
I'm kind of already obsessed with this.

I take back my overwhelming statement of before, its such a great and easy listen I literally just have it on repeat at this point. My absolute favorites so far are Seek and Destroy, Low, Gone Girl, Blind, F2F, Ghost in the Machine, Shirt and good days.
I think it’s largely a safe follow up to CTRL, but that doesn’t negate its quality.

The moments that are the most unexpected are just… not to my taste (did a real life Nicole Kidman tasting something and then pushing it away on Ellen gif to the pop punk song) so that sours it a bit for me, but there’s plenty of undeniable brilliance.
The more acoustic/pop-rock oriented tracks definitely expand on the sounds of "Supermodel," "Drew Barrymore," "Prom," and "20 Something" in such pleasing ways. I'm really in love with this so far. Her pen is so funny, witty, and arresting.
She reminds me of Jazmine Sullivan in the way she writes. It’s so deep and emotional while also being so playful and legitimately funny at times. A lyricist!
I love “F2F”, I wish she would make an album in this style.


Nobody Gets Me is cute - I like the rawness of the verses, but I'm getting a little tired of blatant Fade Into You rips.

The first 7 songs or so are pretty much 10/10 perfect in my book. After that, the album starts spiraling into a melting pot of this and that, to varying success, but I'm warming up to pretty much everything here. The main track that doesn't feel essential to my ears is Too Late. I can find something to enjoy in pretty much everything here, though.
Gone Girl and Nobody Gets Me on repeat.