SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

I was skeptical pre-release at the idea of there being 23 songs and the potential of there being some filler but wow she proved me wrong. So many standout tracks. It's been on constant repeat since release yesterday.
Surprised not to see much reaction to Too Late! It was so instant for me!

Meanwhile Gone Girl and Nobody Gets Me I’m finding a bit cheesy, especially the latter.

My top 5 right now (not including the singles):
Too Late
Notice Me
Kill Bill
This album is so incredible. Tracks 1-14 are pretty bulletproof with no skips. The run from "Conceited" to "Far" is the weakest to me, but they're still listenable.

I definitely prefer this to CTRL to be honest.
Definitely will need to sit with it more but I like it a lot! The second half, from the Phoebe collab onwards, is amazing. Like most albums with a similar number of songs, it could have done with some editing but she's so boundlessly talented - too see her go through different musical directions within the album, is a treat. F2F is obviously the best on it.
I can’t stress enough just how strong her pen game is. Even versus the lo-fi production, her writing just makes every track viable in some sort of way.

Still trying to figure out where “Hit Different” works best, I’m thiiinking between “Far” and “Shirt”.
Not my serotonin deficient ass actually finding Ghost In The Machine to be the weakest track? The potential is just not realised and it’s just… there. Its placement being right in the middle doesn’t really help too.

I find it somewhat amusing how artists like her or Vampire Weekend who made albums that soundtracked the formative years in my 20s (CTRL, Modern Vampires of The City) came back with these maximalist, all-out style albums.
I still need a few more replays to made up my mind which tracks stand out and which tracks I like the most, but Kill Bill might be top contender for my favourite song of this record.