SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

I feel like everyone is really sleeping on “Snooze”. Like, wake up!!

Finally someone said it! So lush and enchanting in all its questionable pick me glory, we’ve all been there!!

How you frontin’ on me and I'm the main one tryin'?
How you blame it on me and you the main one lying?
How you threatenin' to leave and I'm the main one cryin'?
Just trying to be your everything

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I am still overwhelmed. I took multiple breaks cause there’s just so much to take in. This woman is a WRITER! As a huge lyric fan, this is a feast. And the production- especially the comparison between the first half’s cohesive SZA rnb sound vs the second half’s all out pop exploration-adds even more to enjoy! This will take a lot of time for me to fully appreciate.