SZA - SOS + "Saturn"

The great thing about the album is a lot of the tracks that didn’t really stand out on first listen really eventually reveal themselves to you. I realize Far is essential (yes, it was leaked more than a year ago), probably the very embodiment of the album artwork.

Always on my mind, trust is hard to find
Everything reminds me of us
I just want my sanity back
Better than being your enemy
(Better than letting go, scared of that)

Far, far like I don’t recognize me
Far, far cause I let you define me
I'm far, far cause I can't trust nobody
Far, stay far

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Thank you, Sza. In a world where everyone seems to pose as a bulletproof winner, I love the sheer vulnerability showcased in your lyrics. She's so relatable. A marvelous artist, most definitely.


You have to love when an artist speaks what's on your mind. We need more SZA's in the world.
The main presale code I've seen going around is CHEER.

After a week of living with this album, I have to say she delivered. Yeah, 23 songs is a long album. Yes, there are songs that stand out less than others... But I genuinely enjoy every song here. Every song has a place because she's tapping into every possible shade of catharsis. It's not an album rooted in the spiritual awareness of Good Days, it isn't particularly uplifting, but it takes pride in being human and resolutely unapologetic. The raw emotion on display (even in the poppier tracks) keeps me coming back.

Some people clearly want art to be sterilized, or to be "high vibrational" only, or demand an artist "grow" and "mature" significantly between albums, and that expectation is such bullshit. I applaud SZA for being 33, copping to being messy and feeling incomplete, sitting in her anger, baring her heart to the world, warts and all. Not all of us have it figured out yet (does anyone, really?). It can be vulgar, it can be aggressive, it can be depressive, sure, but it's also moving, relatable, and brave.

I feel like it'd be unfair to include it in my 2022 Albums of the Year list, so I'll wait until 2023, but I see myself spending a lot of time with this album next year. I'm actually anticipating the deluxe now - give me Joni!
Some of my coworkers were talking about the album and said they liked it but nothing was as catchy or as memorable melodically as CTRL, which I do kinda get, but it's still an overall great album.