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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Lander, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Bets on how long it’ll stay up?
  2. I was just wondering where it was the other day. What kind of rights issue has caused the disappearances previously? It's full of bops.
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  3. More weird social media posts today...
    Yulia giving her side of the story regarding what happened in 2014...
    I really don’t understand what the point of this would be if there isn’t going to be a reunion (not that I’m expecting it to happen)...
  4. The gif is fucking sending me. The interview is also a mess, the moment her eyes widen I-
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  5. Cher Lloyd <3
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  6. I love how quite a few people on Twitter were getting excited thinking they were back together... & Waste Management was a new 2020 release (if only... sigh).
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  7. I just can't stop checking this train wreck for survivors.
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  8. And Waste Management is lowkey a terrible album.
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  9. Yeah, it all seems a bit odd... why now?

    From what Lena has posted on her socials she's getting more work and appearing on Russian TV recently. She seems quite happy doing her own thing and has an English EP coming soon.
  10. Excuse me...
    It’s a lovely collection of demos at varying levels of completion...

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Alright, yes, Waste Management is complete garbage but the Russian version Весёлые Улыбки is FANTASTIC. Hope we're on the same page regarding that.
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  12. He


    Both are terribly patchy, the English version just has worse lyrics.

    But I enjoyed them at the time. Never go back to them now.
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  13. Waste Management and the live Truth albums are now gone from Spotify but Happy Smiles is now there along with two Waste Management remix albums. Must be some fun battles going on behind the scenes.
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  14. He


    It’s just Julia uploading torrented versions of the albums.
  15. This made me chuckle so much. I guess as it sounds completely like something that she would do.
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  16. That wasn’t long then!
  17. Oh balls! Waste management was on my list of albums to listen to. Hope it reappears one day.
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  18. They recently added the album to Apple Music Australia, I thought it was a new version of the album, thought it was odd the album reappeared from nowhere into the new releases section.
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