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  1. I said that kiss, not any lesbian kiss in history. Britney and Christina were part of it too and I doubt they would have agreed to a public kiss at an awards show without the generally positive reception t.A.T.u. were getting with both All The Things She Said in the US and the MTV Movie Awards performance that happened five months prior.
    Madonna had also gone a little quiet on the issue and wasn't kissing any women on stage at award shows, so without t.A.T.u. pushing it back into the public psyche, I doubt it would have happened. We all know Madonna is good at reacting to trends and such but if it hadn't been "popular" and getting attention she would have done something else. She would have doubled down on the anti-war message etc. I don't doubt she would have kissed a woman again, but it wouldn't have been those women at that time.
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  2. Lena went on a TV Show in Russia and talked about a sexual assault that happened to her when she was young. I've not seen a subtitled clip yet but she's posted on her Instagram.

    This is an automated translation of what she just posted.

    "You were very scared, creepy.. he touched your body unexpectedly, without permission, vile, disgusting… after all, before that, you only knew the touches and hugs of family, close friends... and this is completely different… you felt humiliated, broken, spoiled, dirty..
    He forced you to look at him, at something that you had never seen before... forced you to touch him, touch him... controlled you like a doll on a string... and you are powerless.
    You are lost, scared, and there is nothing you can do, change.. you can't run away.. you can't even scream-the voice has disappeared somewhere… like in a dream, when you want to scream, but it doesn't work out...
    you were wildly ashamed for some reason... for something that wasn't your fault at all... you
    really wanted to wash yourself, forget, see, wake up as if from a terrible nightmare.. but no. It really was. It really happened. And you have to live with it somehow. How?
    We need to ask for help.. from whom?
    I need to call my mother-she is the closest person. She will come to the rescue. He will support, regret, understand, and not condemn. She'll be right there. He will hug, talk, explain, ease the pain..
    I was very lucky with my mother...
    then distrust, even fear of men in general, excluding very well-known, close people.. the fear of elevators, entrances... flinching at every unexpected slightest rustle... to survive. We must survive.
    Time heals.. mom helps. If not my mother,there are always people who are ready to help, support, talk…
    You can.
    You'll survive.
    You will work through this trauma with the help. It will remain forever, but, like a bleeding wound, it eventually tightens, heals-and a scar forms here. How big and scary it will be is up to you.
    It's not your fault. It takes courage to ask for help-we all have it, inside us!
    Everything will be fine. You can survive this!
    I'll get over it. I won't let you break me. I will pour out my emotions into creativity.. I'll write poems..
    the main thing is not to be silent!
    Don't hide it!
    Do not bury it inside.
    Don't hide it.
    It's not your fault! Speak. Cry. Splash it out. Worry about it.
    Not alone, but with the help of…
    Everything is possible. You can do it!!!"
    Lena Katina (36)

    She's brave for speaking out. I'm not sure how she managed much of the things she and Yulia did in t.A.T.u. now knowing this. Perhaps as with Gaga, it was her way of taking control of it in a way. A lot to think about.
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  5. I’d like this to be translated please
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  6. Wow they’re coming back. I hope this only happens if they have 100% resolved their issues and are on great terms. Otherwise it’s just gonna explode if they haven’t worked on anything.
  7. But isn't one of them hugely homophobic? Even if they come back with decent music I'm not sure I can support it if that's true.
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  8. Yes, she's a raging asshole and she's very proud of it.
  9. Such a shame. I still love those English albums but... I can't support anything new if that's the case.
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  10. I thought this came to an end for good, for once and forever.
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  11. I was never a fan of the original but I loved the remixes

    Being my favorite (though the version I have has an extended intro).
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  12. I was never taken with Friend Or Foe, I wanted Loves Me Not as a single at the time


  13. My fave single from them.
  14. Apparently they're back performing according to Lena's recent post!
  15. Let’s see how long this reunion lasts this time.
  16. Honestly that's a bit yikes. I wish Lena could find other sources of income as well as self-respect and stop associating herself with this person.
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  17. Russia’s international image is in shambles and Putin once again deploys t.A.T.u. just like he did after annexing Crimea…
    Teenaged me knew exactly whom to stan…
  18. I thought it was a virtual show, like they won't be in the same vicinity?
  19. I’m scared. Is Julia still homophobic?
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