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♛ T-ARA Discography Rate ♛ #29 I'm like T.T L

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

  1. Of course the moment I say eliminations are going well, I lose a nine *clownery.gif*
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  2. He


    Lol at them taking 10 minutes to film this in between takes of Roly Poly Japanese ver.
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  3. Okay I'm glad that's gone but I'm honestly shaken to the core that my 0 is still in this rate ... like ... do y'all actually like that thing ... yikes ...
    Also not me just now noticing my commentary for Good Person got left out ;;; I was just too shocked by the blasphemy I guess
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  4. Mianhae! For some reason your words about Good Person didn’t get saved into my rate documents. I updated it now and will also put it here, since it’s a pretty universal statement toward balladphobic messes:

    This song ... gorgeous. The vocals ... stunning. The emotion ... heart-stopping. Even the ballad haters have to at least appreciate the level of drama here, right? Right?!
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  5. wwwww You didn't have to do that but kamsahamnida~
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  6. We enter the Top 60...

    ... and I’m about to flip out at some of y’all.

    This is the gold standard of T-ara ballads for me.

    I just can’t love you anymore
    deep in my heart
    it hurts, it hurts, I can’t see you.


    The Reason Why We Broke Up
    Album: So Good

    Score: 6.687

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x3: @1WithCrap, @Oleander, @RUNAWAY
    8.5x1: @yuuurei
    8x3: @Reboot, @Slice of Life, @soratami

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x1: @JuanJose
    2x2: @Ana Raquel, @Coming Century
    2.5x1: @singabob

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 10

    The Reason Why We Broke Up is track #3 on So Good (2015). It is written and produced by Monster Factory and Polar Bear.

    Low-scorers did this so dirty. I actually think this is one of my favorite T-ara ballads? It has so many amazing things going for it. We get a dramatic title! Harmonicas! A Jiyeon-led chorus and a Jiyeon high-note! Soyeon being perfect with her emotional vocal delivery!

    Excuse me while I listen to this track and take a five-hour depression nap.

    @1WithCrap (10): Before this album came out, I was really worried that the 'ballad' for this mini wouldn't be as good as the previous 1 because "If I See Her" is so so good. But this song is just as amazing. [Qri: You consider If I See Her to be a ballad?]

    We are soulmates Oleander! I stan you so much @Oleander (10): Cue me being the only one to love this nostalgic ballad…..like I always am ddddd.

    Showcasing the best opinion as always are @RUNAWAY (10): I really really enjoy this song. I never thought I’d be saying this but we could do with more gorgeous harmonica-led ballads. That chorus is just stunning and @Slice of Life (8): Ddddd why do T-ara have the most impactful song titles? I can't. This is my kind of ballad. The build up is amazing and the middle 8 ends explosively. That's like crack to me. YATH.

    @Reboot (8): This is quite pretty. It wouldn’t sound out of place on a dramatic k-drama series.

    @eatyourself (7): I like the harmonica.

    @He (7): This is surprisingly strong for a ballady b-side.

    @Joli Chat (7): Kinda sounds like ‘I Don’t Want You’. [Qri: Ddddddd omg unnie. Does Tiamo sound like Bo Peep Bo Peep for you then?]

    @Yeziirl (6.5): Harmonica, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Qri: Even when it's Eunjung playing it, as in the video below?]

    @Empty Shoebox (6): Nice dramatic ballad. Nothing more than nice though.

    @singabob (2.5): Meh. Some of the vocals sound so bad. [Qri: Disagree strongly.]

    @JuanJose (1): I have never listen to this in full zzzz [Qri: Get some coffee and get taste, unnie.]

    I’m so glad the girls got to perform this during the promos for So Crazy. We were treated to gems such as the performance below. My literal thought-process: hmm, that’s weird that Eunjung has a different microphone set-up from everybody else - *looks away for a second* - a harmonica has suddenly appeared in Eunjung’s hands. What a legend. Her talent seemingly has no ends.

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  7. He


    Poor ballads.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

  9. This is a shock. I thought this is one of their best. I genuinely expected the ballads to be performing better. I mean, where are the solo filler tracks?
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  10. I feel guilty now for rating all these ballads so low.

    I did rate a few ballads quite highly though!
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  11. Two reveals tonight, because I couldn't post any last night.

    Also, whoever deleted their post on the previous page can fight me. #61 Bingle Bingle was sitting so nicely at the top of this page!

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  12. @yuuurei finally gets their wish. You mention it briefly in your commentary, but I’m curious... why has this song specifically gotten you so heated, unnie?

    love is miserable, I hate it
    I can’t turn this fire off
    I can’t ever let you go.


    Don’t Get Married
    Album: Again

    Score: 6.750

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x1: @Oleander
    9x1: @RUNAWAY
    8.5x2: @Crisp X, @thommyh

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x1: @yuuurei
    3x1: @singabob
    4x1: @codecat

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 9

    Don’t Get Married is track #4 on AGAIN (2013). It is written and produced by Duble Sidekick.

    I actually really like this track. Not super fond of the way it opens with the “hey anybody come help me now” lines, but the rest of the song is very solid. The pre-chorus is my favorite part, it’s really peppy and nicely layered.

    @thommyh (8.5): It's something fun, something for the summertime, something for the girls to, y'know, get ready and party to.

    A lot of you had a kii at the title, such as @Crisp X (8.5): Tea <3 and @eatyourself (8): That title alone... iconique. and @1WithCrap (7): Off topic, but seriously, don’t get married. and @vague (8): dw i never will

    @Slice of Life (8): WAIT at this being a bop??? I was expecting a tragic ballad because of that extra as fuck song title. That post-chorus is dated in the best way possible. YATH.

    @Yeziirl (7.5): I also think that marriage institution is overrated and romanticized too much! Enlighten the masses, queens! But do it with less generic song next time, oops!

    @Empty Shoebox (7): Decent enough but I think it would need some choreo to endear itself to me.

    @JuanJose (5): Production-wise it has some nice things going on, but this doesn’t excite me at all

    @singabob (3): Don't like this song. Can't really pinpoint why but just don't like it.

    @yuuurei (0): Yuck. There's literally nothing I like about this insipid ode to desperation. I hope whoever wrote this sought help.

    No live performances, so you’re going to have to deal with the lyric video xoxo.

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  13. T-ara’s one and only official Korean subunit gets hit.

    Is it Jeon Won Diary or Can We Love?

    no one can hold me back,
    this person is my love
    you gave me a racing heart as a gift.


    Can We Love?
    Album: Jeon Won Diary

    Score: 6.892

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x1: @eatyourself
    9x3: @aux, @RUNAWAY, @ysev
    8.5x2: @evilsin, @Remorque

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x1: @singabob
    4x1: @junglefish
    5x3: @1WithCrap, @Coming Century, @yuuurei

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 6

    Can We Love? is track #2 on T-ara N4’s mini-album Jeon Won Diary (2013). It features the vocals of producer Duble Sidekick. It was written and produced by Duble Sidekick and Suezawa Ichiro.

    This song is a sweet slice of chill. I wasn’t a super high-scorer here, so it’s only fair to let y’all kick off with the positive comments, such as @eatyourself (10): I'm afraid this will bomb in the rate, it's one of the best discoveries of this rate for me. and @RUNAWAY (9): this song is overall the more successful song. not so MUCH as far as the production, and it's aged a lot better. and @ysev (9): This is very Janet Jackson circa All For You/Damita Jo. Absolutely amazing. A shame this isn’t on Spotify. and @JuanJose (8): Why have I never heard this before? it sounds so lush and very current in today’s pop landscape. Aftet heaeint this today for the frst time, I Would have love to get more RnB songs from them

    It’s a nice surprise to hear the vocals served by Duble Sidekick. In fact, they kind of overshadow the other girls here. The power of vocal runs! @thommyh (8) agrees: This is how you do a male feature. I like this song a bit but I probably won't revisit it a lot. But I appreciate an actual nice arrangement! and @Oleander (7): This is a nice song but it feels like T-ARA is playing second fiddle to the featured artist. and @Slice of Life (6): I don't mind this. I think I like the male vocalist's contributions to the song more than the girls' sdhfkjs. The meninist jumped out.

    @Empty Shoebox (7)
    is chilling: Relaxing, but a bit bland.

    And @singabob (2.5) is feeling indifferent: Don't care about this song.

    No live performances, and I’ll have a lot more to say about T-ara N4 later in this rate. So go ahead and enjoy the lyric video.

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  14. Oh no… I actually like this song.
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  15. FINALLY! The evil is defeated etc. Good riddance.
    Because I hate the entire lyrical concept of this guy's "noona" desperately begging him not to marry another girl because he should be "hers", it's nauseating. Even then I could maybe have spared it a point or two, except I think the combo of music/melody/sound effects sounds stupid af too. Sorry to you and all those who like it for bashing and tanking it, but I genuinely despise this sad excuse for a song and I'm glad it's finally out of the rate.
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  16. I’m actually shocked at this one, and not even in a “you got rid of my own personal favorites!” way.

    I thought that this would transcend beyond even the most ardent ballad hater.

    like a red rose,
    you pierced me with thorn-like words
    like a tattoo, you carve in deeper
    the more I try to forget you.


    Cry Cry (ballad ver.)
    Album: Black Eyes

    Score: 6.901

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x2: @aux, @vague
    9.5x2: @RUNAWAY, @yuuurei
    9x4: @Crisp X, @He, @junglefish, @Oleander

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x3: @Ana Raquel, @Coming Century, @Empty Shoebox
    3.5x1: @Slice of Life
    5x4: @evilsin, @Hurricane Drunk, @JuanJose, @Yeziirl

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 7
    Cry Cry (ballad ver.) is track #5 on Black Eyes (2011). It is written and produced by Kim Tae Hyun, Cho Young Soo, and Ahn Young Min.

    The chameleon-dols is in full effect here. After the immense success of Roly Poly, it would have been easy to follow it up immediately with a clone (such as Momoland's Bboom Bboom ---> BAAM). But Cry Cry was sonically very different. To also have this ballad version to showcase the girls' vocals was a great idea.

    I’ll talk more about 1977 Do You Know Me? later, but I do think Cry Cry (ballad ver.) is the far superior turn-an-upbeat-song-into-a-ballad release. I love the way the organ and piano-led instrumental here has completely transformed the original Cry Cry. The bop version of Cry Cry does start off spooky, but the ballad version runs with that theme to make the entire track haunting.

    These Queen's are also feeling it too:

    @vague (10): it's a testament to their god-tier melodies that so many of their songs work so well both as ballads and bops

    @RUNAWAY (9.5): I love this version. it’s so much more cinematic and the music video version is so excellent too

    @He (9): Almost as gorgeous as the original.

    @singabob (8.25): Always thought this song works better as a ballad.

    @thommyh (8): This kinda works actually? I don't hate it! Wig!

    @eatyourself (7.5): I appreciate the Mariah-isms on this one, especially the video version.

    @codecat (7): The clarity that this chorus has.

    The bops and their ballad versions can co-exist, but not for @JuanJose (5): I dont need this version of an otherwise perfect song and @Yeziirl (5): Nope and @Slice of Life (3.5): Great vocals, beautiful vocals. This is so laboured omfg. It completely strips away the flavour of the original. and @Ana Raquel (3): Not ballad versions ruining fantastic bops once again!!!!! and finally @Empty Shoebox (3): Was this really necessary?

    There is an official MV for the ballad version. I’ll just say it’s super jarring to have all the girls lipsync to another member’s lines, which is a bit of a running choice throughout much of T-ara’s MV history. The live performances are a kii too, considering Boram and Qri get no solo lines yet still have a full mic setup. I guess they do harmonise a bit, which is quite unusual for T-ara.

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  17. I will admit, I do think the non-ballad version is a hair better. But 57??? Sigh.

    I don't have a ton of low scores left - just a few 6s, a 4 that I know won't be going anywhere for some time, and a 3 that I hope doesn't stick around too long - so pretty much everything is going to Hurt.mp3 from now on.
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  18. We jump straight to #55, as there is a tie.

    First one up, from the Sexy Love era:

    just like day and night comes,
    love has found me too
    at the end of a lonely day,
    I met you in this dream.


    #55 (Tie)
    Day and Night
    (Areum, Shannon, and Gun Ji)

    Album: Mirage

    Score: 6.919

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x1: @vague
    9.5x2: @Oleander, @yuuurei
    9x2: @junglefish, @Remorque

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x2: @eatyourself, @Empty Shoebox
    4.5x1: @Ana Raquel
    5x3: @Coming Century, @evilsin, @JuanJose

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 8.5
    Day and Night is track #2 on Mirage (2012) (although it is not available on streaming platforms). It is a collaboration between Areum, solo singer Shannon, and Gun Ji from ballad group Gavy NJ. The song is written and produced by Ahn Young Min and Cho Young Soo.

    This is a gloomy, classic-sounding ballad with great vocals and rap sections. @vague (9.75) agrees: dang, revisiting their discography has made me realize that these melancholic ballads really were where they truly excelled. And so does @Oleander (9.5): We Were In Love should of had rap parts like the ones here.

    We know MBK loves a good ol’ team-up between its own artists, but this is quite a random collab by their standards - Gunji from Gavy NJ isn’t even on the same label as T-ara or Shannon. Some of y'all were also shook that solo British/Korean singer Shannon is a part of this:

    @RUNAWAY (8): I cannot believe that little girls on the couch with the hat was SHANNON WILLIAMS. The song is good and all but it just really kinda goes nowhere.

    @Slice of Life (7): Dddddd I didn't recognize Shannon wtf. It's just an okay song but Imma give it high-ish score of 7 for Ahreum's great rap part.

    I think this song would have been more valued had all of T-ara participated in it. However, Areum's talent is appreciated by @codecat (7): Honestly...I feel so much for Ahreum and I can't help to think about how things could be different if she had joined the group instead of ????. Such talent that got lost under awful circumstances... and @JuanJose (5) wonders where the rest of the members are: This sounds like T-ara, but why werent they invited to the video shoot?

    There's also a mixture of emotions towards this song. Some people think it's too sad, others find it too boring:

    @1WithCrap (7): Watching the Sexy Love drama version with this song as opening was somewhat painful and sad. I find this hard to listen despite it being a good song.

    @singabob (6): This is alright, if a little boring.

    @eatyourself (3): This song is depressing and the video is even worse. What is going on.

    @Empty Shoebox (3): I know I'm not a massive fan of ballads, but this just doesn't go anywhere.

    The MV is literally shot during the lunch break of the Sexy Love shoot. But we also have live performances AND Areum also performed it as part of her audition for The Unit:

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  19. Our other #55...

    ... is from "Temptastic".

    I tried to hold onto you,
    who ignored me
    I’ve screamed and cried again
    oh oh, I have no more regrets now.


    #55 (Tie)
    It’s Okay
    Album: Temptastic

    Score: 6.919

    Highest Queen Scores:
    x1: @1WithCrap
    8.75x1: @vague
    8.5x1: @Oleander

    Lowest Snake Scores:
    x1: @Oleander
    5x4: @codecat, @Coming Century, @singabob, @ysev
    6x1: @Ana Raquel, @aux, @Slice of Life

    Geipanda's Geipinion: 8

    It’s Okay is track #5 on "Temptastic" (2010). It is written and produced by Choi Kyu Sung.

    This is a nice reprieve from the chaotic title track. It's a slow-tempo song about moving on after a failed relationship. Some parts of it remind me of the fantastic Miss A song One To Ten.

    I'm not just being bias - I definitely think Qri's part is the highlight of the song. @1WithCrap (10) agrees: I tend to forget the title of this song because Spotify doesn’t have English titles to many of their tracks. I smile every time this song comes up on my playlist. Qri's verse is without a doubt the best thing on this track. I love it so much that I will always rewind and repeat her verse. And @He (7) also appreciates our cutie-pretty chanteuse: A nice sounding slowtempo with church bells and Soyeon giving you those trot feelings. Qri has a full verse, though, so props!

    Three of you hear jingle bells: @vague (8.75): sounds a bit Christmasy, but it's still good. and @eatyourself (8): Not a huge fan of Chritmas songs but this one bops hard! and @Slice of Life (6): Dddddd this has a Christmas music energy to it and I'm not really about that life. Pretty stellar vocals though.

    Our @JuanJose (7) is all grown up : This gets a seven from me, mostly based on the nostalgic feeling. The production hasn’t aged well

    Meanwhile, @Yeziirl (7) lets the song name speak for itself: Song title checks out again!

    @thommyh (6.25) and @singabob (5) need to form a comedy duo. Both said: It's Okay.

    Two of you were bored af: @RUNAWAY (6.5): uhhhhhhhhhhh this song was pretty boring. The snake’s rap was somehow the most memorable part and that’s not a good thing and @Empty Shoebox (4): Just not seeing anything interesting in this at all. It's not bad, but it doesn't enthuse me.

    The live performance of this track is great. It's adorable when the members shout "Qri!" during her part:

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  20. I like both those songs so I wish they'd stayed a bit longer but
    It's Okay
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