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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.



    Birth Name: Ryu Hwa-young
    Date of Birth: April 22nd, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Position: Main Rapper
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Instagram: @ryu930422

    In May 2010, at the age of 17, Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung appeared on the variety show Star King, where they caught the eye of KKS. They were subsequently recruited into Core Contents Media.

    Hwayoung was added into T-ara as the seventh member. (Her twin Hyoyoung joined the sister group Five Dolls). Hwayoung had her first performance with T-ara in Dec 2010 as the main rapper, promoting the group's mini album Temptastic.

    On July 30th 2012, it was revealed that Hwayoung would no longer be part of T-ara. She transitioned into acting, with roles in Ex-Girlfriend’s Club (2015), My Father Is Strange (2017), and Mad Dog (2017).


    Qri’s Qpinion #7: “After hearing from KKS that Hwayoung was joining the group, I warmed to the idea of a new member adding some fresh energy to T-ara. It was July 2010, and I was preparing myself to meet Hwayoung for the first time at the agency. I was excited and nervous. I walked into the basement and say ‘annyeonghaseyo!’, she replies with a hissing sound and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and bowed, she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking ‘I’m looking forward to performing with you’, I say ‘I’ll be your inspirational unnie.’ She looks me dead in the eye and raps ‘T-ara Time To Die’ and then whispers ‘vocally talentless.’ I started crying, I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and she said ‘are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my diamond only AKA my vagina. I rushed towards the exit in tears, and that’s when Hwayoung started speaking reptilian to me. I still can’t believe this happened. I cried writing this. I wish this weren’t true, but Ryu Hwayoung is in fact, the Serpentine Overlord. Thank you.”
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  2. He


    Nooooooooo, flicked my diamond only!!
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  4. I don't think i liked what i heard that much, so it is better that if i don't participate. Sorry @GeiPanda.
  5. I will get to work on this this weekend....
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  6. Ditto....
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  7. I'm rating the What's My Name? EP and WHEW the bops!


  8. So... some of y'all might be sick of me giving out so many extensions (or for the slowpokes like myself, maybe you're grateful?). But I'm currently in the midst of traveling and wouldn't be able to concisely look at your scores until Monday. So I may as well give you that extra time, right? Use it WISELY.

    You have roughly 7 DAYS depending on your timezone.​

    NEW DEADLINE: Monday, 22nd July, 2019.
    11.59pm EST/8:59pm PST
    (23rd July, 2019 4:59am GMT)
    (23rd July, 2019 5:59am CEST)
    (23rd July, 2019 11:59am PST)
    (23rd July, 2019 1:59pm AEST)​
  9. Dddddd love u @GeiPanda unnie. I still have, like, 30 songs to score. Thanks for the extension! ♡♡♡
  10. Not these extensions becoming the new "add-one-extra-member-until-everything-implodes"... only in a T-ara rate


    I am just joking... the more the merrier, but you all better be sending commentary...
  11. [​IMG]
    Somehow I completely forgot to finish writing my commentary for this ;;; thank goodness for this extension.
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  12. Ddddd thank you @GeiPanda unnie, now I have time for commentary!
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  13. All right, I have at last submitted my scores, and after having to re-rate the whole thing due to an accidental saving-over-my-file incident, I really don't want to look at them ever again, so they're final. (My commentary was lost in the aforementioned incident as well. I don't even want to talk about it.)

    So, my overall average for T-ara's Korean discography is 7.70. But without the "Other" tracks, it jumps up to an 8.19 ... I really didn't like some of those songs, oops. On the other hand I have twenty 10s, which I'm pretty sure is the most of any rate I've participated in, and the vast majority of my scores are a 7 or above.

    The rest of y'all better get your scores in. I am ready for this rate to START.
  14. It took me 84 years but my ballot is finally complete.

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    1) Queens, I wanted to apologize for not being super proactive in this rate lately. Some awful things - combined with traveling - have happened recently which has taken up most of my headspace. BUT (and I say this with an awareness of how much I can handle) I want you all to know that I am dedicated to seeing this rate through. Your comments/gifs/memes make me cackle, and I do genuinely enjoy writing about our Queens T-ara.

    2) On a related note, because of the above, I haven't been able to do as much promo and/or deadline warnings as I would have liked. So I truly give a special thanks to everyone who took their own initiative to submit without my badgering, kii.

    3) Though the voting has unofficially closed, I haven't yet finished writing up The Reptilian Wedding: The Bullying Scandal Part 1 + 2 and Qrisus's Member Profile. Rather than keep giving an extension that I continually push back, I'll let you use your own judgment to submit your scores (try to send by the time those three write-ups are done!). I will aim to give a 48 or 24-hour PM warning before I no longer take your scores. Again, a massive appreciation for those who have already submitted scores.

    4) I appreciate your patience, everyone.

    5) Qrisus is life.
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  16. I must also apologise for not keeping this thread active. I am a flop co-host/helper.
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  17. In spirit of keeping the thread going, let me spill some of my personal tea. I've listened to T-ara all day yesterday and finally submitted my scores. Ultimately, I've only given out 7 tens, including my 11, and the lowest score was 3,5.
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  18. He


    Don't worry boo, life comes first!

    We'll wait diligently and join you on the flowery roads.
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  19. Yeah, we can wait. Real life stuff comes first.
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  20. While you're waiting I can offer


    1) The top ten has changed with each ballot
    2) Only two songs have received more than one eleven.
    3) The lowest placed song with an eleven is currently thirteenth.
    4) The top ten is spread across seven different eras.
    5) Only one voter has used a zero score. That voter does not have the lowest average.
    6) The least divisive song in the rate is currently second
    7) The most divisive song is currently fourteenth
    8) I have had 11 Korean voters so far. Five Japanese
    9) We currently have two songs tied for the lead in the Japanese section
    10) Our last place in the Japanese section is only 0.25 points behind the next song, so expect that to change.
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