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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

  1. He


    As a known ballad hater, I can to agree with you. They have killer ballads, unlike most groups.
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  2. Good point. I've went ahead and added the drama versions of Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey, Day by Day, and Sexy Love in the song list next to their respective titles.

    Also, much appreciation to you, @Empty Shoebox for helping out with the magic.

    For all the Queens that are participating, please check updates I've made to the first few posts - especially some minor changes to the Rules and the Bonus Round deadline. Enjoy rating!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. I'd love to participate. I hope I don't forget about it.
    Feel free to tag me in given time!
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  4. Listening through these songs and I'm angry again.

    These songs are mostly* pure fire and it was all spoiled by that one...person.

    ARGH. T-ARA deserved so much better.

    *Apart from yayaya, We are the one and the English versions of Sugar Free.
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  5. He


    Yayaya is iconique!!

    But imagine someone trying that “concept” today. A mess.
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  6. I went through a brief phase where I listened only to T-ara a couple of weeks ago (after not having bothered for years), and I came across the English version of Sugar Free for the first time and it really threw me. I hate it.
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  7. Speaking of Sugar Free, I still scream every time I hear LE on it.
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  8. He


    Ddd, she's all over the track. I don't get why they kept her vocals so prominent.
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  9. Is anyone else hating most of Absolute First? I am struggling... and surprised, why did I have this in my mind as the best album of theirs?
  10. Absolute First Album/Breaking Heart is by far my favourite album of theirs - and one of my favourite albums ever, in general - so apart from a couple of songs it's 9s and 10s across the board.
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  11. I'll start this next week when I'm back home!
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  12. Oh dear, I'll prepare for the backlash then...
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  13. I think it finished top three in the Ultimate Albums Countdown a couple of years ago.
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  14. He


    Of course some of it is dated but at its core it’s an amazing album. And it was a debut! Bops everywhere.
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  15. Absolute First Album is just something else. Very few albums come close.

    That said, I also have a soft spot for Temptastic.
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  16. He


    Temptastic and Day by Day are great minis. Usually their quality is quite good in general (terrible remixes aside).

    Which is why I find it baffling MBK being unable to give DIA only a couple of good tracks.
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  17. i'm totally in!!!!!!! it will be hard choosing an 11
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  18. My scores are in. I have no idea what's going to be top 10.
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  19. Oh my god! @Reboot, a true QUEEN.

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  20. Hm, there's a certain point in their discography where there's a massive drop in quality for me......so that should be interesting to see how I score that and how it compares to the good side.
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