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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

  1. Queens of immaculately noisy title tracks! I really need to take part in this, because there are just too many massive bops here. And I'll agree with the sentiment that it will be pretty hard to choose an 11.
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    The History of T-ara

    What's Their Name? The meaning of T-ara's name comes from their aim "to emerge as the queens in the music industry and wear a beautiful tiara." Dddddddd, a gay cackle.

    Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon were part of T-ara's five member pre-debut lineup, along with Jiae (who sort of resembles Sowon from GFriend, and went on to be in a group called Jevice) and Jiwon (who as many of you might know, became a member of Spica and Uni.T). They apparently trained for 3 years.

    Departures: Jiae and Jiwon's reasons for quitting T-ara? "Differences in musical style". Considering that T-ara are known for being "chameleon-like" and trying out all kinds of music genres, their reasonings seem a bit dodgy... so there's probably some unrevealed details about their departure that we may never know.

    6-ara: Boram, Soyeon, and Qri were drafted in as replacements - forming arguably T-ara's most recognizable lineup of six members, affectionally known as 6-ara. Here's a cute video of the group introducing themselves:

    "Whatever I do, I'm still awkward, I'm shy Boram."
    "Follow me, I am mom Eunjung."
    "I'm smiling angel Jiyeon."
    "Cheerful prankster, wacky Soyeon."
    "My name is Qri, and it means Cutie-Pretty."
    "I make you happy, I'm the mood maker Hyomin."
    Poetry. Sheer poetry. Maya Angelou is shook.
    Lineup: In total, T-ara has had 11 different members. Dani was announced to be joining the group in 2012 at age 14 - that's a twelve-year age gap between her and eldest member Boram (!) Dani was then stated to only be part of subunit T-ara N4... she even showed up at fan signings with them. Since T-ara N4 never made a comeback, Dani never got the chance to perform as a T-ara (N4 or otherwise) member - but technically, she is still considered part of the group. Here is a timeline (not made by me) of the members:

    Queen of Queens: T-ara has a rotating leader system. Apparently, the leader could help with music video editing and determine concepts for comebacks. Qrisus has the longest reign as leader. Here is a nice timeline (again, not made by me) that shows periods of leadership:
    ICYWW: The first post in this thread will now act as a hub linking to my little ramblings of T-ara history (such as this one) Also, I updated the header photo to be the iconic 6-ara lineup xoxo - the 8-member Day By Day shoot will be used for something else.

    Also also, tagging @yuuurei since you expressed an interest in learning more about the group.
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  3. He


    Qri continues to be their leader. A legend.
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  4. Gonna start making a dent on this today!
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  5. Jeon Won Diary is one of the most underrated KPop tracks ever.
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  6. Just going to drop this in case anyone's a little bored.
  7. This singles run...they have a strong chameleonic quality that's so present throughout their career and I always loved that about T-ara – it's just one of the many reasons why I think they're such a special group. Just that moment when they released Sugar Free > So Crazy > TIAMO is so wild: three songs that couldn't be more different from one another and they got away with them in the most natural way possible...true vers queens!
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  8. Were So Crazy and Tiamo received very well by fans? I wasn't that impressed by them...
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  9. I think their non-Shinsadong Tiger singles aren't very popular among fans, with Tiamo probably being the song that almost everyone agrees is their worst.

    Having said that, I really like So Crazy and What's My Name?.
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  10. Lmao I love Tiamo. I can already feel how mad this rate is going to make me.

    Haven't started rating yet but I'm gonna get on that soon.
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  11. Chronologically, Sugar Free is the most recent song of theirs I gave 10. After that, things have not been great. The So Good mini has some nice album tracks, though.
  12. He


    I like Ti Amo quite a bit.
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    Member Spotlight


    Birth Name: Jeon Bo Ram
    Data of Birth: March 22nd, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Position: Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
    Zodiac: Aries
    Instagram: @bo_ram_0322
    Boram comes from a showbiz family - mom Lee Mi-young is a well-known actress and dad Jeon Young Rok is a trot/pop singer; her sister is Wooram, who was in hip-hop group D-Unit.

    Boram initially debuted as a solo singer, releasing two single albums in 2008. She was then contacted by KKS after he saw a video clip of her dancing to BoA's "My Name" - Boram became the first new member to join T-ara after the departure of Jiae and Jiwon. She shared her dorm room with Qri.

    Boram took over as leader in 2010 for about a year. In 2013, she debuted in Japanese subunit QBS along with Qri and Soyeon. She left T-ara in May 2017 along with Soyeon after their contracts with MBK expired.

    Since I'm such an impartial host (ddd), I've decided to recruit a special correspondent to give us their subjective thoughts on all T-ara related matters. This is our new recurring segment called...


    Qri's Qpinion #1: "Annyeonghaseyo! This is Qri aka Queen Qri aka Qrisus. I've decided to take a little break from poolside selfies to share my unparalleled views with all you lovely Queens. And today I'll be talking about my Boram unnie! It was such a shame that she left the group - but I guess it worked out, as it gave me the opportunity to scam work my way into the Holy Trinity *giggles in Diamonds only*. I can't really blame her though - Boram was regularly ignored by the company, even though she's really talented! Usually, she would only get one line per song... in Cry Cry, she literally only gets the words "Uh uh yeah, let's dance!". Like, at least give her a chance to compete with my Shakespearean "T-ara time to love, shh!" monologue in the same song. Also, because we were (mostly) a six-member group... when it came time for even-numbered dance formations, Boram would always be the one placed in the back, completely obscured (Geipanda asked for some receipts, so here and here).

    The one time when Boram got the most screentime and lines - in Do You Know Me? - the song flopped. It flopped harder than that time when Hyomin posted something on Twitter about determination *giggles*. For me, Boram unnie will always be eternally lamb-like and youthful - look at those big chubby cheeks! Her negatives? Hmm. She likes Johnny Depp (ew get some taste unnie) and is prone to crying easily. I'll leave you with this video of us in Japan when I played a cute trick on her. And remember: a T-ara song a day keeps the blues away xoxoxo."

    What are your thoughts on our wee petite Goddess? Please share your feelings, opinions, and/or memorable moments of Jeon Boram!
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  14. He


    I think Boram is one of my biases? I love a shafted member who is actually more talented than you expect. Also the good unnie has such a gorgeous face and looks like a doll.

    I also really stan the songs where her vocals snapped and she was given space: I Know The Feeling, Hide and Seek, and Do You Know Me.

    That cricket video is amazing!!!
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  15. I always have a soft spot for idol group members who get treated like an afterthought. A company who can't figure out how to let every member shine in some way is not really a good company imo. By which I mean, none of them are good companies, since it seems every group has at least one undervalued member in it. I demand justice for all the Borams out there!

    Also a note to ... Qri ... that crying easily is not a negative trait! And certainly not one to group with liking pond scum! I also demand justice for all the crybabies!
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  16. You're right! Crying itself is not the negative trait. What I meant Qri meant is that getting easily upset by any kind of pressure/stress was Boram's own roadblock, in what we know is a very public-facing stressful job.

    Crying is beautiful. (Funnily enough, I can't find an actual gif of Boram crying):
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  17. Speaking of biases I always loved Eunjung, as I even watched a couple of doramas because of her and Jiyeon because she's simply breathtaking, but I should say I love Soyeon, as she was such a badass during her "Oh! My School" variety show appearences.
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  18. Boram is an absolute living legend.

  19. This is the level of extra I signed up for. YATHHHHHHH.
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  20. I haven't strated yet dddd
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