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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

  1. It is AMAZINGLY CAMP. A Ringu/The Grudge pastiche, but with girl group drama.

    I'd love them, if you have the capacity to! But obviously, no pressure. I plan to reveal the Japanese tracks in clusters of 4 or 5.
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  2. He


    Ok when are we having a screening of that horror movie?!
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  3. Here's the English trailer for it. Cackling at some of the dialogue being: "Do you think getting eye surgery will make things any different?" and "WHY CAN'T I BE IN THE CENTER?"

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  4. He


    A triumph.
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  5. Yeah, that movie was something. It wasn't particularly scary, but the whole backstage pop industry shenanigans were on point. Also, Eunjung's bob is iconic.
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  6. I'm starting this now and...Absolute First Album is still that classic wig snatcher. I feel pity for anyone who calls itself a K-pop fan and has never listened to it.
  7. I also have finally begun scoring! But please feel free to @ me incessantly @GeiPanda as the deadlines get closer, since I'll probably be a bit hectic for the next couple weeks and I could use the reminders.
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  8. I remember being casually interested in K-Pop for a few months after discovering M-Countdown late one Friday or Saturday night on my local cable providers deep channels, and watching it with a odd curiosity, partly fascinated, partly overwhelmed, and completely engrossed... for the most part... then one night, I saw this:

    And I thought, "This is literally the greatest thing ever. Am I the only one on this god-forsaken sandbar who knows this exists?"

    Even now, when I'm having a really, really shitty day, I often look it up on YT and it always takes the stink off a shit-colored beige day. And I don't care who knows it. I don't even know where to start listing off all the fucking perfect things about this three and a half minutes.*

    Dding. Garinga ringa dding. Dding dding dding.

    *BTW, one of the perfect things was at 1:57 when I thought back then that Areum flipped off the cameraman. I laughed out loud. Maybe she did. I still can't tell.
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  9. Honestly so underrated. We'll see how this will do in the rate, then.
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  10. @GeiPanda sorry if this is a stupid question but as it's separate from the main rate, are we meant to give an 11 for the Japanese tracks as well?
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  11. Not a stupid question at all! Yep, feel free to give one of the Japanese tracks an 11... along with any optional commentary.

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  12. Remember when MBK were like “T-ara N4 will be debuting in the US with help from Chris Brown!” and it turned out they were just performing at a pool party he was hosting or something?

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  13. He


    Dddd, I can't

    MBK are the fucking worst.
  14. And when they performed, Chris Brown stopped the track halfway-through to promote his own song? Yes... yes, I do remember. A nightmare x100.

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  15. He


    I can't watch this. It's going to make me sad.
  16. Jesus, what a god-awful excuse of a person.
  17. If for some reason you're not using my rate playlists, then...


    Just kidding. But if you really aren't using my playlists - just be aware that, depending on what version you have, the And&End mini might have a different tracklist order from the PM-able list (and my playlists). I used the "original cut" which has ORGR followed by I Don't Want You... but I do know that their order is swapped on other versions of the album.

    I wanted to throw that out there so nobody gets confused/mixed-up (if you're utilizing your own T-ara back catalogue). As far as I know, there aren't any other similar cases in their discography. Happy rating, and look out for an announcement coming soon!

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    Hey Queens.

    I have an announcement to share.

    I've decided to abandon the rate and jump immediately to our winner.




    More and more, I get white with hotness.
    Stop trying to erase me, white.
    It's so hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.
    Hot hot hot hot hot (na na na na).


    by Pink Dolls

    Score: 666.666666666666​

    White aka Cursed Bop is the second song by Pink Dolls. It is a cover of an unreleased track by murderous ghost girl. White became a major chart hit for Pink Dolls, catapulting the four members to immediate success and early death.

    Ddddddd can you tell I'm trying to bump us to the next page for Hyomin's member spotlight? And also, REAL announcement coming after that!
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  19. Omg girls, do you remember this bawp?

    It was a Shinsadong Tiger song but was given to Gangkiz (RIP legends) instead of T-ara. Of course it flopped. I still wonder if the song would've been another hit for T-ara if it was given to them instead. It's seriously one of my favourite K-Pop songs ever.
  20. In total seriousness, White would be in my top 5 if it were in the rate. I don't know what it says about my taste, but once I finish up my scoring that'll be our shared burden/uniting power.
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