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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

  1. Stream U Um U Um by Top 10 album selling female soloist of 2019 Hyomin!

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  2. Have even 10 female solo artists released albums this year?
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  3. I suppose not enough to make the Top 10 but plenty of indie girls have released.

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  4. Kii at her being one of the only 3 that released actual albums on this list.
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  5. MBK should’ve gave this to T-ara because it’s better than Day by Day tbh
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    Member Spotlight


    Birth Name: Park Sun Young
    Date of Birth: May 30th, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Instagram: Here (I can't post the actual name cos it gives the ICannotUseRealWordsProperly warning dd)

    Hyomin is originally from Busan, South Korea, and her real name Park Sun-Young is the same as f(x)’s Luna. Hyomin was a famous internet uzzlang and online shopping model in her teenage years. She was previously a trainee at JYP, and was considered to be a replacement for Hyuna in the Wonder Girls (the position was eventually given to Yubin).

    Soon after debuting with T-ara in 2009, Hyomin became part of the permanent cast of variety show Invincible Youth, where she gained the nickname “Folding Screen Girl” for getting hardly any screen-time. It turned out that she was largely edited out from the show because she was eating on set most of the time. KKS had placed her on an intense diet, and the only chance she got to eat was during filming, away from his control.

    Hyomin designed many of her own costumes during her tenure in T-ara. She made her solo debut with Nice Body in 2014. After leaving MBK in 2017, she signed with Sublime Artist Agency to continue her solo career. She has been the T-ara member with the most consistent solo music career, with five releases - the most recent being Allure in Feb 2019.


    Qri’s Qpinion #4: "Annyeonghaseyo! This is Qri aka Queen Qri aka Qrisus. I've decided to take a little break from going to Burger King to share my unparalleled views about my fierce sistren Hyomin! I think Hyomin stands out as an example of an irreplaceable girl group member. She is a fantastic rapper, has undeniable stage presence, and (though she’s not officially the face of the group) I personally feel that she has one of the most distinct, recognizable faces in the industry.

    Something has to be said about Hyomin’s hair styling though. We all know the good sis is absolutely stunning, but why does she choose to wear bad wigs half of the time? It’s a fact that Geipanda struggled to get good gifs of Hyomin because of this. She has been known to be a fashion stylist for herself and for our other group members, so surely she would have a say in these kind of things? These ratty extensions and wigs are absolute choices:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hyomin sis has worked hard as a solo artist. Lemme do a quick summary of her songs, from my personal least favorite to best. Click on the titles to be taken to their MVs xoxoxo:

    5) Mango (2018): Her vocals are too shrill to make the repetition within this song bearable. Yes, drag me for critiquing someone’s vocals, but at least I kept within my range for Diamond *giggles in voice crack*.

    4) Nice Body (2014): The song itself is a serviceable bop, but the visuals are quite… rancid. Not only is Hyomin giving us Dollar Tree Miley Cyrus realness with her styling, but the MV (with fat-shaming) and performances (where she dances with a measuring tape) are just ridiculously careless.

    3) Allure (2019): Within T-ara, Hyomin’s vocal tone is nicely balanced amongst members, but like Mango - the repetition in her solo releases exposes the shrillness of her voice. This renders the tongue-in-cheek nature of the song unrealized.

    2) U Um U Um (2019): The instrumental falls into typical trop-bop territory yes, but there’s a really pleasant peacefulness and smoothness that exudes from this song.

    1) Sketch (2016): This is underrated. Proper sexy time bop. I can sort of imagine Sister19 coming out with something like this. The lyrics are iconically filthy too: “because I’ll be awakened by the tip of your brush”. She looks glorious, but… I hope she was comfortable with the revealing nature of the MV, considering some controversy about the album artwork."

    What are your thoughts on our folding screen girl? Please share your feelings, opinions, and/or memorable moments of Park Hyomin!

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  7. Flawless taste Slice - I LOVE this song too. The only thing that irks me is that the sound effect they use at 47 seconds sounds like a proper gassy fart. Flatulence queens.

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  8. Yikes ... now I feel sad. It's like that time I learned about Stellar all over again.
  9. Want to feel even worse by having video evidence? MAJOR props to Hyuna for speaking up.
    (Also, if anyone is interested - here's a playlist of Invincible Youth episodes, it's such a great show).

  10. He


    Hyomin looks so embarrassed, poor girl. Agencies are the devil.
  11. Ugh seeing them all laugh while she looks so embarrassed and worried is so disheartening. Hyuna was trying to keep the mood light but it was obvious she didn't find it funny. Yikes yikes yikes. Good on her though.

    I'll be honest, I kind of disliked Hyomin after the whole Nice Body thing because it was so demeaning to women, but I should have realized she wouldn't even have had much, if any input on it. It's so easy to blame the idols themselves for questionable things but these days I make sure to remember that the ones at fault are the agencies and the culture 95% of the time.

    Tbh things like this make it hard to enjoy Kpop sometimes but in the end, like they said in that video, these girls only seem to get any kind of leeway when they're at the top of the charts, so supporting their work is about all we can do to help them out, I guess.
  12. Finally sent btw!
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    Yeah, you could tell she was embarrassed and maybe scared to be put on the spot like that. I remember reading stories of T-ARA fainting because they weren’t given food. Disgusting.

    Hyuna has always been a class act huh? A queen.
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  14. Admittedly, I still need to invest more time into learning about all the girls individually but Hyomin is for sure my favorite member. There's something about her that captured my attention from the get go and then learning about her struggles both as part of the group and individually endeared her to me. Then throw in the fact that her solo music is wonderful (Nice Body excluded) and it was a sealed deal. Mango has grown on me immensely, as well.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Only We Are Unaware Of Our Story is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard period.

    I mean....how can you not love her?

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    I think Hyomin is definitely underrated. She’s not my favorite, but she’s the most hard working member in the group, and maybe the most professional. She always seemed to give her all on stage and be the most reliable of them all talent wise (even with her limited vocal range).

    Also the good sis was number 1 in China for 5 weeks. Not even Victoria Song or Yoona.
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  16. Almost done! i have a headache that is killing me rn but if i'm feeling better tomorrow i'll do their japanese rate!
    Bunny Style is my 11
  17. Will I give 'Little Apple' more points because it's a bop, or fewer because of the men?
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  18. I'm a mess who hasn't started this yet...


    "I have a very special Qpinion to share.

    It is my Qpinion that...

    ... you all need some more time to submit your scores!"

    Deadline Extension!
    (Those who already submitted are welcome to refine their scores/add more commentary)

    NEW DEADLINE: 5th July, 2019.
    11.59pm EST/8:59pm PST
    (6th July, 2019 4:59am GMT)
    (6th July, 2019 5:59am CEST)
    (6th July, 2019 11:59am PST)
    (6th July, 2019 1:59pm AEST)
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    (There is still opportunity for a further second deadline extension. If you know for sure you are not interested in doing this rate - please just let me know and I won't tag you in the future xoxo).


    NEW DEADLINE: 5th July, 2019.
    11.59pm EST/8:59pm PST

    (6th July, 2019 4:59am GMT)
    (6th July, 2019 5:59am CEST)
    (6th July, 2019 11:59am PST)
    (6th July, 2019 1:59pm AEST)​
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