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♛ T-ara Discography Rate ♛ HAPPY DECADE ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

    Member Spotlight


    Birth Name: Park Ji-Yeon
    Date of Birth: June 7th, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group, Maknae
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Instagram: @jiyeon2__

    As the maknae, Jiyeon was only 16 when she debuted with T-ara. Throughout the group’s history, she was recognized for her acting accolades. Some of her starring roles include Master of Study (2010), Death Bell 2 (2010) and Dream High 2 (2012).

    Jiyeon became the first T-ara member to debut solo, with the song Never Ever in 2014.

    After leaving MBK in 2017, she signed with Partners Park for her domestic activities and Longzhen Culture for her Chinese work. She released a digital ballad single called One Day in Dec 2018, although it was never promoted or performed.


    Qri’s Qpinion #5: "Annyeonghaseyo! This is Qri aka Queen Qri aka Qrisus. I've decided to take a little break from celebrating my dog’s birthday to share my unparalleled views about my gorgeous maknae Jiyeon! Firstly, her vocal tone is quite underrated. There’s a nice fragility to her voice, which makes it suited for ballads.

    Although positions in k-pop can largely be debatable, there’s no denying that Jiyeon is the face of the group. She really elevated the popularity of the group with her casting in many popular TV shows and films, such as Master of Study. Ddd, this performance where she did You Drive Me Crazy with her co-stars makes me cackle - especially the autotune, and the co-star getting confused at the beginning:

    It could be argued whether or not Jiyeon is the visual though - but only because all of us are so equally stunning *giggles visually*. I will say that, despite the visual title, Jiyeon is an incredibly under-appreciated beauty - I love her asymmetrical eyes, they make her look so unique.

    Being the visual and the face of the group is not always a positive though. This also meant that Jiyeon (and to a lesser extent, Eunjung) was pinpointed as the central diabla behind the bullying scandal. She really had her image tarnished, with netizens making up stories of Jiyeon being a downright terror behind-the-scenes, including slapping Hwayoung. Her performances were also harshly scrutinized - she was criticized for not appearing happy and constantly having an “angry” face. In fairness though, we were surviving on three hours of sleep! Let’s see you netizens smile with that much sleep deprivation.

    Geipanda considered initially having a solo rate as the bonus round, but decided against it because there’s no doubt that Never Ever would absolutely snatch the top spot. The song and choreography are sensual perfection. I will say though that the “mirror” choreography was a total missed opportunity for this to be a Jiyeon and me subunit. We could have been a T-ara version of Sistar19. What would our name be? Qriyeon? Jiri? Anyway, please relive the amazing live performance of Never Ever xoxo:

    What are your thoughts on our maknae acting goddess? Please share your feelings, opinions, and/or memorable moments of Park Jiyeon!

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  2. Me: As the host, I want to advise you lovelies to be amicable towards each other.

    Also me: Yas, FIGHT.

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  3. I always really liked Jiyeon. She just seems ... idk, cool I guess? to me. Plus I often seem to feel a connection to the idols with "resting bitch face". Can't imagine why.

    @GeiPanda don't worry, me bullying @evilsin is just how we bond. I ain't even mad.
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  4. Um....I don’t know about anyone else but I’m totally into the idea of a solo rate with Jiyeon’s album and Hyomin’s 3.
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  5. He


    Jiyeon was the first member to stand out to me. She was the epitome of coolness in Roly Poly. Such a smooth dancer and such a presence. Granted the uninterested look didn’t work for every concept, but most.

    Her voice is amazing too, such a husky tone.
  6. Ddddd with absolutely zero mention of Eunjung's solo releases, you shady heaux xoxo.

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  7. It's okay, I'll persuade you to take part in the next installment of Kumi's rate and then drag you throughout all of the eliminations. You know, the usual.
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  8. Oh my GOD I can’t believe I forgot about ELSIE.
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  9. Sent!
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  10. Jiyeon is one of those rare unforgettably unique visual idols like Eugene or YoonA or Goo Hara and Gyuri or Nana. She just has it.
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  11. I completely agree, although I think she is under-appreciated when it comes to her beauty - I feel she is rarely mentioned when discussing "visuals". So yas, stan her hard Oppa Park.

    Also, some bonus clips involving Jiyeon for y'all:

    1) Demonstrating her pole-dancing skills.

    2) Jiyeon's Drama Evolution from 2007 - 2015

    3) Jiyeon fangirling over Twice
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  12. I dunno if I’ll gave time to do this, sorry :(
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  13. Bonus round scores submitted with a whole 3~ hours to spare, ワオ. My overall average for the Japanese tracks is 7.61.

    Should be able to send in my main rate scores tonight or tomorrow as well.
  14. Whoops! I got so caught up preparing Areum's member spotlight that I forgot to announce this:

    Bonus Round Japanese Discography rate will now have the same deadline as whatever the Korean rate has - so at the moment, it's July 5th, Midnight EST.

    Thank you @abael, @yuuurei and @vague for being more diligent than me dd and sending in the bonus round by the original deadline.
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  15. The extension is very welcome, thank you! I've noticed that we're missing Keep Out and T-ARATiC MAGiC MUSiC from the Japanese tracks. I'll remain silent about the solo and unit tracks from Bunny Style and QBS single, dddd.
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  16. I purposefully didn't include these tracks, because Keep Out and T-aratic Magic Music are retitled Japanese versions of Love Game and Hue on the Day By Day album, respectively.

    I see you trying to derail my rate, binch xoxoxo.

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  17. Never was my intention, sis, it was just weird that they retitled them completely without the usual (Japanese Ver.) tag.
  18. Just started rating.

    I promise I'll make it, @GeiPanda unnie.
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  19. I'm halfway through and how to sum it up with a gif

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  20. also why do they always put violin in their ballads???? i can't tank them this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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