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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GeiPanda, May 24, 2019.

    Member Spotlight


    Birth Name: Park In Jung
    Data of Birth: October 5th, 1987
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Zodiac: Libra
    Instagram: @melodysoyani

    Soyeon was a trainee at SM (around 2007), and was at one point the main vocalist/leader of SNSD - in fact, she didn't depart the group until only six months before their debut. Her reasons for leaving? She felt that her "determination" (oh dear, this word will haunt you later gurl) was low.

    Here's some throwback pre-debut pics, let's see who you can recognize:


    She was recruited into T-ara in 2009 as a replacement member, rooming with Eunjung. During her tenure, Soyeon participated in a musical adaptation of the group's hit song Roly Poly and was a fixed cast member of the variety show 100 Points Out of 100. She was also part of the subunit QBS with Qri and Boram.

    She left T-ara and MBK in 2017 along with Boram.


    Qri's Qpinion #2: "Annyeonghaseyo! This is Qri aka Queen Qri aka Qrisus. I've decided to take a little break from glamorously riding my scooter to share my unparalleled views about my dongsaeng Soyeon! I'm glad she joined my group - can you imagine SNSD without Kim Taeyeon as the leader? Not on my sassy watch! Soyeon fits into T-ara much better anyway. She is an interesting main vocalist - she doesn't do too many high notes and doesn't hog much of the songs (most of the lines go to Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon instead). However, Soyeon is quite underrated. This is a bold statement, but I would say she has one of the most beautifully emotive voices in all of K-pop. There's this super rich color to her singing that really makes you feel the lyrics, particularly in ballads such as this.

    Criticisms for Soyeon? She puts no effort into her dancing - I don't even need to bring up any receipts, just look at any T-ara live performance. Also, for a main vocalist, she has been caught being quite lazy when it comes to singing live. Check out this Roly Poly in Copacabana performance where the PD turned off the backing track, and you can hear Soyeon skip some words in the chorus. Kii at me sounding the most vocally competent out of them all *giggles in falsetto*. Finally, it's no secret that Soyeon doesn't emote well facially. So even doing something like vengefully ripping a piece of paper comes across as quite... hammy. Oh well, not everyone has the stage presence to pull off a QriDrinkingandFixingHair.gif. But it's fine when you have a voice like hers

    What are your thoughts on our OG-SNSD and vocal Queen? Please share your feelings, opinions, and/or memorable moments of Park Soyeon!​

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  2. He


    For as little emotion as she shows live, she’s really funny in variety and seems lovely.

    Also she’s sang so many iconic choruses, queen.

    I can’t believe she almost made SNSD. I know several trainees claim that, but these receipts are undeniable.
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  3. Soyeon? More like Sobeautiful am i right ladies

    I knew that she was originally going to be in SNSD but I didn't know she was meant to be the leader. It's sort of hard to imagine her being part of that group but I want a peek at that alternate universe anyway.

    Also the clothes in those rookie SNSD pics are SNSENDING me. Visceral fashion flashbacks.
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  4. He


    But did she really leave or did SM just cut her? Maybe her dancing got in the way ddd.
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  5. I wonder how many comebacks it would take for Taeyeon to kick her out of the group ddd.
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  6. Ooh, didn't know she was in the original Girls' Generation line-up!
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  8. Soyeon used to serve vocals, visuals and DANCE back in the day. All while navigating the group through their most difficult period with her excellent pest control leadership skills.
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  9. Queens invented shuffling, LMFAO who?
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  10. I'm starting this tonight.Braking Heart here I come.
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  11. I rarely rate leaders for anything, but Soyeon was a force to be reckoned with. She's probably up there as one of my favourite leaders next to Rainbow's Jaekyung. I mean, she literally saved that ship from sinking during Hwayoung-gate... an icon.
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  12. He


    What did she do? I think I’m not familiar with the ins and outs.
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  13. I think the girls themselves have said she was the perfect leader. Along with Eunjung, she was already one of the group's default speakers so becoming leader was kind of second-nature to her. Her first interview after Hwayoung-gate really made me appreciate how eloquent she is:

    The image I've always had of her is kind of like a stern parent. She was responsible and knew business meant business, but like the girls themselves have said, she also looked out for each one of them. Even in the interview above, she spoke about Hwayoung like a lost friend (which is a contrast from how the rest spoke about her dddd).
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  14. I have all my scores done, will probably send in the next couple of days after I've double checked them.
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  15. He


    Even if I stan the group, I never got to see much of them outside of the music. I think mostly because I was fairly new to kpop back then.

    But I do remember loving Soyeon in A Song For You, for the So Crazy promo. I was surprised how funny and eloquent she was.

    A shame she’s not more recognized. She’s also kind of disappeared (not as badly as Boram). I wonder if she even talks much to the others, since they don’t seem to acknowledge Soyeon and Boram on social media.
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  16. Ok, I've set myself the goal of alliterating each member spotlight title... and this one is especially a stretch. I didn't want to just do Eunjung's Experiences cos it sounds like the name of a Korean cruise ship though ddd.

    But whatever, don't speak over queer alliteration.

    Member Spotlight


    Birth Name: Hahm Eun Jung
    Data of Birth: December 12th, 1988
    Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper
    Zodiac: Sagittarius
    Instagram: @eunjung.hahm

    Before debuting in T-ara, Eunjung won the Little Miss Korea 1995 competition at the age of seven. In the same year, she debuted as a child actress in the TV drama A New Generation of Adults.

    Eunjung worked as T-ara's leader until 2010. Throughout the group's career, she also appeared in a number of television shows, including Coffee House (2010), Dream High (2011), and reality TV show We Got Married, where she was paired up with actor Lee Jang-Woo.

    In 2013, Eunjung debuted in sub-unit T-ara N4 with Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum. She made her solo debut under the name of ELSIE with the song I'm Good in 2015. She left MBK in December 2017.


    Qri's Qpinion #3: "Annyeonghaseyo! This is Qri aka Queen Qri aka Qrisus. I've decided to take a little break from posing in front of my own photo to share my unparalleled views about my hottie sistren Eunjung! She definitely embodies the role of the triple threat: great singer, rapper and dancer. Also, she's a talented actress! It's essential that I mention her iconic horror movie White: Melody of Death. The plot is a literal K-Popjustice member's dream: Nugu girl group Pink Dolls move into a new studio where they hope to record a breakthrough hit. There is tension and rivalry between the four members of the group - Je-ni, a singer insecure with hitting high notes, A-rang, a singer addicted to cosmetic surgery (!!!), Shin-ji, who can't sing, but is an excellent dancer, and Eun-ju (played by Eunjung), the eldest and former backup dancer who, despite being the oldest, is bullied by the younger three. Eun-ju discovers a tape entitled "White" which turns out to be an old unreleased music video by a mysterious singer. Pink Dolls decide to appropriate the music for their comeback, which leads them to great success - but a terrible curse caused by "White" begins to target the girls one-by-one. Here is the cursed song that they use:

    An actual BOP. By the way, just to give you an indication of how ridiculous this movie is - Je-ni is attacked by the ghost and is found HANGING BY HER NECK in the studio - but then we find out later that she didn't die. This isn't really a spoiler, because it's not some kind of shocking twist - it's literally presented as if it is commonplace for people to survive a full hanging. A mess. If all of this hasn't convinced you to watch it, you should also know that forum-favorite girl group After School appear in the movie as the more-successful rival group... I guess this means the movie falls not only under the Horror genre, but also Fantasy too then *giggles in cursed girl group music*.

    Anyway, life imitates art, and Eunjung did get slightly cursed - she took much of the brunt of the bullying scandal, and became known as Rice Cake Eunjung. It got so bad that she couldn't even eat rice cakes in public anymore! Ok, but Rice Cake Eunjung is an iconic name though. Basically, I'd gladly let Queen Eunjung stuff my mouth with tteok xoxoxo."

    What are your thoughts on our rice cake Queen? Please share your feelings, opinions, and/or memorable moments of Hahm Eunjung!

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  17. I absolutely NEED to see that movie. It sounds amazingly bad.
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  18. White is a bop. I wish 'Cursed Bop' would become the new 'Thank You (Insert Fandom Name) Ballad' for groups' final singles.
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  19. Yeah but seriously we all need to watch this film.
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  20. @GeiPanda Do you want comments with the Japanese tracks? I just don't know how quickly you plan on going through them.
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